Metal Gear Solid VR Mod by Fan Shows Incredible Potential

A new Metal Gear Solid VR mod is shown off in a new fan-made clip, it is in early development but shows incredible potential.

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Orchard103d ago

Looks decent. Watch Konami shut this down if it gets enough traction. Konami hates gamers.

Outside_ofthe_Box103d ago

Alright. Sony has to pay up Kojima to make a VR MGS spiritual successor after this vid and that would be your "killer app".

excaliburps103d ago

That would be insane. I wouldn't be surprised if Kojima makes an actual VR game as well. I mean, imagine a horror game in VR made by Kojima (which we almost got with PT), or an actual action game? Sure, we'd get tired watching the cutscenes but it would be insane. xD

ApocalypseShadow103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Do it Konami and Sony. Make it happen. If you made Zone of the Enders on PSVR, then make Metal Gear Solid with increased resolution and detail on PS VR 2. Espire 1 VR was playable after updates but it's no MGS. Give it to me and I'll throw money. Would throw more if it's MGS 4. Would throw even more if it's both games bundled.

ibrake4naps103d ago

They should do a Resident Evil 2 quality remake with optional VR support. Would sale like golden hotcakes!

gaffyh102d ago

Sick! i need more, show me more!

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