A Look at Amy Hennig, One of Gaming's Most Influential Women

Amy Hennig is one of the prominent women in gaming, with franchises like Uncharted and Legacy of Kain demonstrating her knack for storytelling.

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Hikoran229d ago

Lol....? Next you'll be saying Ken Levine is one of the men who's most influential..

Terry_B228d ago

Thing is, there are not a lot of women that were really influential for the video game industry, that's why Amy might be one of the most influential ones. ..A title that means basically..nothing.

Terry_B228d ago

At the geniuses that disliked my even 5 truly influential women in the video game business.

XxINFERNUSxX228d ago

Roberta Williams was very influential, she and her husband have a new game coming out this fall, a remake actually of Colossal Cave 😊

ChubbyBlade228d ago

You’re on a website full of incels who get triggered when you mention anything to do with women or any minority. Of course you’re going to get downvoted. I fully expect it too.

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LoveSpuds229d ago

Clearly she is an extremely talented writer and director and I am really grateful to her for her work bringing my favourite game series to life with Uncharted.

Personally though, I think I prefer the more grounded storytelling with Uncharted 4 than the more supernatural story beats in the earlier titles.

It's cool that she gets the recognition she does I think, there are not all that many devs who's name become well known to its audience so I think that says a lot about how talented she must be.

DrDoomer228d ago

Henning wrote Uncharted 4. Druckamann then came in and rewrote her story to accommodate all the woke feminist stuff.

lellkay228d ago

Uncharted 4 story telling was way better

LoveSpuds228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

What woke, feminist stuff are you referring to squire, I can't say i noticed anything other than awesome storytelling, characters and action in the five or six times I have played through it.

DrDoomer228d ago

"What woke, feminist stuff are you referring to"
Drake getting beat up and humiliated by the Strong Whamen of Color™;
Elena being a better Crash Bandicoot player than Drake because we all know girls are better gamers;
Drake and Elena go adventuring together for the first time in ages and the whole time Drake gets an ear beating about how she can take care of herself and she don't need no mans;
The old adventurer who's house Drake bros snuck into got gender-swapped;
Drake's son got gender-swapped;
I can go on and on but it ain't worth my time as you are willfully blind, squire.

a7madRyan228d ago

Man i dont know what ur smoking but there is thousands of games movies and tv show where women kick men asses and even save the world, tomb raider, bayonetta, chun li, stranger things, star wars, alien, terminator, kill bill, batman, james bond, final fantasy, fighting games, mulan and alot more, man if uncharted 4 women kicking drake’s ass bothered you, you really need to check your mental health coz when true woke games arrived you will be in a dark place

Palitera228d ago

Damn, right winger snowflakes are so easily offended these days.

LoveSpuds228d ago (Edited 228d ago )

Imagine being so fragile that you are intimidate and offended by issues that exist completely in your own imagination.

There are a million and one liberties taken with respect to 'realism' in Uncharted 4, but the ones that you get hung up on are that drake gets his arse handed to him by an absolute badass. A badass whose character happens to be a woman, even though she was created as someone who has been exposed to combat and the mercenary trade her whole life.

How can anyone watch that scene where Nathan and Elaine are in their living room, and seeing how well written and acted that scene is, the emotion you feel from Nate longingly looking at the picture of the forest, the love for each other they clearly hold, and your only take away is that 'men are better at games that women'. Are you that pathetic, seriously?

Elena was pissed at Nathan for lying to her, nothing more, and there are scenes where they clearly express and equal respect for just how capable they both are at kicking butt.

Dude, you need help!

DrDoomer228d ago

Wow, I really opened up a can of worms here, lmao.
Fact is, self-proclaimed feminist agenda pushing Anita Sarkeesian fanboy Neil Cuckmann came in and wrote all of that crap into the game, and Amy Hennig left the company right afterwards.

AnotherGamer228d ago

What woke stuff are you talking about in Uncharted 4?

Dirtnapstor228d ago

WTH are you talking about? UC4 was not a woke at all. Troll much? Or are you chasing the bandwagon that painted TLOU2 as woke propaganda? Of which, it was a far cry from being woke... a few mentions here and there does not constitute as woke.

Hikoran227d ago

Umm no? She was gone. She left at the start of tlou's concept art. She was rightfully pushed out by druckman and straley.

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Terry_B228d ago

Funny thing..that article describes what Amy worked on, but it does not deliver even one example of how her work has influenced other devs or mention any devs who expressed that they were influenced by anything related to Amy Hennig. Bad article is..bad.

GhostTurtle228d ago

Article is just a circle jerk opinion piece

lellkay228d ago

We need more Legacy of Kain

MrVux000228d ago

Man, those were the glory days. Amy Hennig and Bruce Straley in ND, their games defined the PS3 era.