The 20 Best Samurai Games Ever Made

The gaming industry has enjoyed a slew of samurai video games that do justice to the ancient samurai period. Here's a list covering them.

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autobotdan168d ago

No Samurai Shodown in this list. This article is a failure

autobotdan168d ago

This article is a complete failure. Samurai Shodown is the most famous 'samuai video game series of all time. Samurai Shodown should have been at the beginning of article

FreeckyCake168d ago

Damn, what an entitled whiny

darthv72168d ago

Would Onechanbara count?

LoveSpuds168d ago

No love for Fist Samurai or Second Samurai on Commodore Amiga?! Outrageous 😄

Umb167d ago

I know right. How about Lords of the Rising Sun by Cinemaware on the Amiga.

Maybe by the author is too young to remember those masterpieces, or I'm too old and have experienced them!

Cosmoplayer84168d ago

For me the onimusha series is the best samurai game ever made!

MWH167d ago

The fondest feudal japan game experiences i had were Samurai Shodown and Onimusha, especially Onimusha 1 and 2, they were the best of the best.