Game Store Horror Stories

Something Awful: "You'd think that people who willingly classify themselves as gamers would rank "playing video games" at the top of their list of fun activities, but it falls somewhere behind gettin' mad about video games on internet forums, building impossible-to-meet expectations, and bitching about video game stores.

The type of person who complains about their shopping experience is a special breed of nerd. One must be antisocial, but not enough to stay home and buy games online. Offenses - both real and imaginary - must be perceived with crystal clarity and stored in memory for future reference and embellishment, but not responded to in any meaningful way when they actually happen. Dragon shirts must be tucked into grey stonewash jeans.

For eight years I have observed some of the most popular gaming forums, carefully preserving every video game retailer horror story that I came across for future generations. These are some of the most fascinating entries in my collection."

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bodybombs5693d ago

people just like to complain, thats all it is. if they cant do that then they aren't happy

Dark General5693d ago

Did you read the story? It was hilarious, sounds like made up stories making fun of the "game store horror stories".

FantasyStar5693d ago (Edited 5693d ago )

Did you even read the article? Or anything past the first story? I'm pretty sure this article is just making fun of the horror stories.

GameFLOP..I gotta use that one sometime!

bodybombs5692d ago

i did, but i used to work at gamestop and i know for a fact people act like this. i've had customers like these

dktxx25693d ago (Edited 5693d ago )

The second one is pretty stupid. So what if he asked you if you needed a strategy guide? Its just a question. No need to get pissy.

I hope these things are made up.

hay5693d ago (Edited 5693d ago )

No need to hope, they're made up. Maybe except the second one where the guy's obviously an b*tchy idiot who can't say a jack in someone's face and insead he just writes lame posts/blog articles how hardcore he could've been but wasn't.

I can't understand all this hate on sellers. I agree, they are pretty painful and irritating sometimes, but I always try to treat people with respect. Sometimes being calm and not saying anything is just too painful so... you know. I almost got kicked out of university for saying some really bad words to some important people.

barakiu5693d ago (Edited 5693d ago )

double facepalm

velaxun5693d ago

you folks seem to have missed the part where he said "I payed for the game and strategy guide"...... lrn2read

f7897905693d ago

I wanted horror stories and all I got was people being in a bad mood. I'm to go to the http://consumerist.com/

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FantasyStar5693d ago (Edited 5693d ago )

The funniest bit about this article is almost every single story is related to Gamestop.

Skerj5693d ago

The one with the pipe smoking WoW player is full of win.

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Need for Speed: Carbon, Undercover, and More to Be Removed from Digital Storefronts

EA has announced that Need for Speed Carbon, Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, and Need for Speed The Run will be removed from digital storefronts beginning today, May 31.

Kombatologist1148d ago

From a preservation standpoint, this is the one thing I hate about digital games. And things will get much worse if game streaming becomes the norm.

darthv721148d ago

The games are already preserved. Hence their existence on the digital stores to begin with. This is no different than when Disney put movies in the vault, only to bring them back years later.

spwittbold1148d ago

Not true. Mass Effect re-release trilogy did not have some of the DLC content specifically because the contractor that played a major role in it's development did not preserve it, nor did Bioware.

thejigisup1148d ago

Any idea of when marvel vs capcom 2 is coming back? That's my favorite game of all time and I can't use it on my ps3 as the file is corrupt and can't find an official dualshock or sixaxis to rebuild the database in safe mode. It's really frustrating that I can't use something I paid for that I expected to have forever.

DOMination-1148d ago

At least it is available digitally. They give you a warning, and if you purchase it, then you will still always have access to it. They will also make it available again one day when it makes sense, but right now I imagine that <100 a day play these games.

Good luck buying Need for Speed: Carbon brand new from a store.

All games have a shelf life. These games are three generations old and had massive circulation. I don't think it is EAs problem if you haven't picked them up by now.

Sgt_Slaughter1147d ago

Why defend EA's bad business practice? There's no way to spin this, it's just bad.

Retroman1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

NFS Undercover, Carbon,Prostreets, Rivals, 2015 Reboot, Payback , 2012 Mostwanted was no good, far as I'm concerned they can remove Heat too . it doesn't matter anymore if Ea remove them they "All" crap.
Ea went down hill after Blackbox studio left.
Ghost did not improved NFS , Criterion did nothing better and here they are back to screw NFS again. 2022 will be another flop as the first title they made (Burnout for Speed)

DarXyde1148d ago

Not a fan of those games either, but I think you miss the point: even if someone—for whatever reason—wants to buy those games digitally, they can't. And the transition toward digital platforms makes the issue that much worse. Nevermind buying physical at outrageous prices from online sellers, you literally can't play them if you have an all-digital device.

Kombatologist is exactly right: it is an issue from the perspective of preservation that is likely to get worse with the rise of streaming.

Retroman1147d ago

Ah, no. I did Not missed the point. I spoke my personal opinion on those craptastic titles.
Why would anyone in there right mind but those title's Digitally??.......there is a website you can still buy those games around 19.99 I bought the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy PS3 for 19.99 Amazon and EBay price 79.99 wish I remember the name of the site.

strayanalog1148d ago

I wonder what Need for Speed said a decade ago on twitter.