Ace Gamez Review: More Game Party!

David Simpson writes: "Wii Sports is arguably the best Wii game created so far and it seems that every mini-game collection since has attempted to catch lightning in a bottle once again. Midway's More Game Party isn't Wii Sports, but it so desperately wants to be that it's quite embarrassing.

More Game Party features ten games (Beanbags, Darts, Hoop Shoot, Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Ping Cup, Puck Bowling, QB Challenge, Skill Ball and Shuffleboard) that have largely been ignored by the gaming world thus far, but after playing them here I just can't imagine why EA hasn't snapped up the Horseshoes licence or produced a Puck Bowling game. Most of these games are set in a pseudo-fairground environment where you aim at targets in arcade machine-like booths; however, none provide the excitement that you can gain from throwing a hoop around a pole to win a pink teddy bear."

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