The Adrenaline Vault : Game Party 2 Review

Christopher J. Troilo writes "As we all know, the Wii was designed primarily for non-traditional gamers, as Nintendo wanted to give us the electronic version of Family Game Night. Instead of pulling out Scrabble or Clue, groups can now decide to pop in a few Wii games. With this in mind, along comes Game Party 2, another in the recent spate of party titles. Its specific focus is on the simple games you might play in a backyard or an arcade.

Game Party 2 offers 11 different games, some of which share very similar objectives and mechanics. In a category one might call "classic backyard games," the player can choose such options as Lawn Darts or Horseshoes, in which the goal is to toss objects closest to a target. Players can choose different scoring methods, such as what the total score should be in order to end the game. Beanbags, in which you attempt to toss a sack into a hole, is a variation on the Horseshoes theme."

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