Fall Guys VS Among Us - Which Is Better?

Two years since release, and after many updates, changes and memes, we thought we would find out once and for all - which is better?

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Snookies12178d ago

Definitely Fall Guys, even with the BS cash shop they added in. Tried to play Among Us with friends, and came to find out there wasn't even in-game voice chat... Like, what the hell is the point if you can't talk with people in the lobby?

Interloper178d ago

They're two different kind of games though...

Crows90178d ago

Yeah. Not sure what's up with these journos. Must be slow news

MadLad177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

As someone who wrote for a number of these amateur sites the better part of a decade ago, they can be pretty predatory.

Every site wants to be the new IGN, so they all push their "editors" to write so much per week/day just for clicks, so you obviously get crap articles.

Hell, I saw nothing sites requiring a bachelor's in creative writing/journalism just to be credited for their work and "create a portfolio".

A lot of these sites want full time writers, but no overhead in actually paying them. The only people who benefit are those that own the site, themselves. The money isn't there.

I'm glad written journalism is basically dead and people have avenues to succeed now just on their own skills.

MadLad178d ago

I played a couple rounds of Fall Guys and got bored.
There was a solid stint where I was addicted to Among Us, even though I typically only play singleplayer games.

They're really too different to directly compare though.

BLAKHOODe178d ago

Fortnite's version of Among Us is better than Among Us. I was hooked on that for awhile. But Fall Guys, for sure.

Smok91178d ago

Are we comparing genres? These comparisons are so odd.

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