Far Cry 6 Announces Free Play

The game has plenty of action and now a free trial.  
Today, Ubisoft announced that Far Cry® 6 is now available to play for free until August 7.

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rlow1185d ago

Wow, jump on this deal while it’s free.

Garethvk185d ago

May as well. I liked it.

isarai185d ago

Glad i never paid for it, already getting annoyed by it. Unskipable cutscenes, already running into glitches especially the audio like the pistol doesn't make sound like 1/3rd of the shots i make, painfully predictable, melee is really jank, still just feels like a reskinned FC3 only not as good

chrisx184d ago

I got it, played for a few days and deleted. It's just boring

Terry_B185d ago

lol no..won't waste even an hour on this.

XbladeTeddy184d ago

Its good for a few hours but after that it gets very boring. I managed to complete half the game back when I played it before wandering what the point was in carrying on.

headshotfrosty184d ago

Thought it was just me. I was waiting for something new to trigger as I thought I was still at the opening missions then I realized I was 20 hours in and this was as good as it gets.

Eidolon184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I didn't get very far before returning it to Gamefly, just felt like a chore to play. Open world fatigue set in quick.

philm87184d ago

I recommend giving it a go, I found it was great fun. The map is full of things to do, but it no way forces you to do it all, so you can just go through what is a really interesting story, all be it not groundbreaking. The guns and backpacks are awesome.

XbladeTeddy184d ago

The map is full, yeah, but its full of filler and boredom.

philm87184d ago

Some people enjoy that stuff though. But what I mean is the game no way forces you to do it. You can play this as a much shorter story game and ignore most of the filler.

anast184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I can get into the grind if I like the world. But UBI games are insidious. They want you to jump on the live service SP game train.

Garethvk184d ago

Exactly. Some of it my seem like repetition like the check points but there are some good moments.

wwinterj184d ago

I agree with this and enjoy the game myself. It's just more Far Cry. I picked it up when it was cheap though so it wasn't that bad for the price.

aaronaton184d ago

Rolling around in dog shit may be free, but i won't fancy doing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.