Activision Blizzard Loses Millions of Players, But Adds 25% More Developers Year-on-Year

Call of Duty and Overwatch publisher Activision Blizzard has lost millions of players compared to this time last year but, despite that decrease, has grown its pool of developers by 25%.

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Jin_Sakai182d ago

They lost players because Vanguard was absolutely garbage. Hopefully Modern Warfare 2 gets back to the roots. Warzone 2 should also bring in tons of players.

Iceman100x181d ago

lol no they wont people don't want this garbage anymore.

Jin_Sakai181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

They still have have 95 million players. So obviously people still want to play it.

MrVux000180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

While i became terribly jaded when it comes to FPS genre and COD franchise as a whole, there is no denying that there is simply way too many gamers that have immense interest in the genre and COD (especially when it comes to casual gamers), as such it is not going away anytime soon.

''people don't want this garbage anymore''
I remember people stated the same thing back in Modern Warfare 3 days, and yet, here we are ... 90+ million players.

Montrealien182d ago

They Lost millions! Yet still have hundred of millions of Players! Crazy

FPS_D3TH181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

The quality has dipped with the last two releases and quarantines over in pretty much every single country with most returning to work and the office. So it’s pretty wild for any company to have banked on these last two years as sustainable growth.