Fight Night Round 3 bags the Visual Effect Award

More than the screens, trailers, reviews, and videos, it's news like this that can effectively hype up games and convince consumers to go out and grab a copy of a game.

Especially for gamers who put graphics before gameplay, bagging an award for a game's Visual Effects is a sure shot of peaking their interest for a game.

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SuperSaiyan44895d ago

I cannot believe that FNR3 got the award thats just wrong! Even though I have FNR3 and yes it looks pretty darn good no way it should have got an award over GoW!

dantesparda4894d ago (Edited 4894d ago )

I think it has better graphic than GoW, this was the 1st game i saw on 360 that really looked next-gen to me, GoW looks good and all, but im not that impressed. And I've beaten both (and GoW on the hardest setting, its easy)

bigmack4895d ago

its just GOW. Its not the end of the world..

mucho 994895d ago

I agree with supersaiyan4, FNR3 had great visuals sure, but I think it should have been clear to anyone that GOW definitely has had the best graphics of any game thus far.