How developers are using PS5’s DualSense controller and 3D Audio to make their games more immersive

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Skate or die. Record the quiet calm of a strange world. Take a feline approach (and perspective) to a cybercity. Intriguing premises are PlayStation bound over the next year thanks to the inventive minds of independent game developers the world over. And these adventures promise to be all the more immersive as the creatives harness the features of PlayStation 5.

From the coarseness of a grind vibrating through the DualSense wireless controller to 3D Audio pinpointing incoming threats, here’s how a selection of studios intend to reinforce their moment-to-moment gameplay with the power of PS5.


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sourOG304d ago

I have my beefs with the dual sense quality control but it’s still probably my favorite controller. One of them for sure. The haptic shit is pretty great, it feels truly “next gen” imo. I hope it gets easier for more people to utilize on a returnal level. That’s probably my favorite example of dual sense capabilities. The sounds had me checking my house like wtf I’m hearing shit lmao. Totally immersed.

This article just sold me on rollerdrome. Love the art style and setting but it just wasn’t my type of game. Their dual sense dedication tipped the scale.

SyntheticForm303d ago

I enjoy the DualSense, but I feel like nobody's going to utilize it as effectively as Team Asobi/Japan Studio did with Astro's Playroom.

As far as 3D audio I think some developers have done a really nice job. I bought the PULSE 3D to replace my old incompatible headset and I really like it.

Pedrof303d ago

Agreed, for me Astro's Playroom Dual Sense implementation is amazing and still unmatched.

sourOG303d ago

That’s true. That Astro demo is pure potential lol. It’s like a first level where you are OP with all your powers and some bullshit happens where you have to build it back up.

It does make you wonder how difficult it is to implement. The very first game on the ps5 is still the best in terms of DualSense features? Why? The only “proper” game that utilized it in a way that had me impressed was returnal. Is it a pain in the ass, do devs just not care, is the extra design costly? Who knows lol. We do know the potential though.

Petebloodyonion304d ago

It's a nice article that does gives a chance to devs about explaining how they use the PS5 feature to give more immersions in their games.
Somehow reading this gave me the urge of playing Stray just for the purr part.

EvertonFC303d ago

I was actually alittle disappointed in the stray dualsense overall, I thought they could have done more with it imo.
Strays a great game though

Gianoni33304d ago

Good game design is naturally imersive. The rest is BS

BestBusdriver303d ago

3d audio is shit all the way... I own all next gen consoles and it s a shame ps5 doesn t have a proper dolby license. On my series x I have dolby atmos and dts x. It s soooo much better than that stupid tempest shit. Also streaming apps sound better on microsoft devices. Dualsense is great but cheap build.

303d ago