Why Grand Theft Auto 6 is Unlikely to Feature a Singular Protagonist

GameRant Writes "Like its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably feature multiple protagonists, although the game can still innovate the formula."

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isarai307d ago

I dont care, i just want them to make it fun again, GTAV crippled experimentation by making the jump and melee mechanics practically useless. Also fall damage on water is op, and not being able to stand on a moving car unless it is specifically a flat bed makes no sense.

chicken_in_the_corn307d ago

I thought the 3 protagonist system in V improved pacing and mission design. It would be a huge step backwards to go back to a single protagonist.

jBlakeeper307d ago

I actually prefer one protagonist. You develop more of a connection. One protagonist and multiple cities would be great.

Profchaos307d ago

If we were to compare the narrative impact of every gta game v probably amounts to the weakest entry since 3 including the stories and the lack of focus showed only minor at best character development and resulted in a story that just didn't work as well as iv or even vice city

jBlakeeper307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

IV was all action and little narrative. Like an 80’s heist movie. That’s why I prefer IV over any other GTA game.

Gardenia307d ago

"GTA 5 is the most successful game in the franchise for a myriad of reasons, not least of all because of the host of new features it introduced, like including three playable characters that players can easily switch between."

I have not heard one single person say GTA 5 is good because of three playable characters. I prefer one good written character which you build a relation with.

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