Final Fantasy VII Figure + NFT Bundles Announced by Square Enix

Square Enix has always been keen on exploring the applications of NFT to its business, and they're mixing Final Fantasy VII figures with it.

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Orchard140d ago

NFT bundles… yeah, no thanks.

Eonjay140d ago

This. I like the statue but I don't trust NFTs. I'm sure that everyone heard about the cases where peoples's NFTs were stolen. Does this mean someone could just hack it and steal the digital statue from you?

KyRo140d ago

As someone who doesn't follow crypto and NFTs, am I wrong in thinking the whole market has crashed according to media outlets? Why are SE doing this now when the ship (for now) has seemingly sailed?

It has massively failed for Ubisoft already. Is this a case of ignorance, poor timing or purely greed in the hope they will rise again after this so called crash?

Mobis-New-Nest139d ago

Let's not be hasty, I think you need to reconsider your answer, with the money you'll be paying to Square-Enix, their revenue will go up, their employees will have a much larger paycheck and you will get the satisfaction of paying for their new home or car or vacation. That makes you a very good human being and nothing feels better than being a very good human being.

RedDevils139d ago

Or better they should fund me.

DigitalDaniel140d ago

I swear people don't read anything but headlines anymore.

"Both versions will include a exchange ticket to redeem for a digital certificate of authenticity on the Efinity network, which will require the ENJIN wallet app.”

This is a valid use case for NFT's and will be a way to verify that you got the real product and not the knockoff.

Abriael140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

"valid" uh?
Only until you notice that Bring Arts figures are usually MUCH less expensive than this one, and there is no option to purchase the figure without the NFT (the Digital Plus Edition gives you access to a 3D model on a website for an additional ludicrous $30 surcharge but both editions have the NFT).

So no. Valid my foot. It's an excuse to charge the user more while providing very, very debatable value.

H9140d ago

So NFT amiibo? Very innovative there Square Enix, you really needed to sell studios to achieve this

northpaws140d ago

And extra $30 for a digital version of the figure? Wtf is that? I can save the image above and get a digital version of the figure.

Digital collectable is just ridiculous, where they can generate trillions of them with no extra cost, it lost all "collect" value.

Knightofelemia140d ago

NFT's are a joke the way South Park joked about them was great.

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