Kingdom Hearts 4 Needs To Embrace Final Fantasy Like It Does Disney

When Kingdom Hearts was first revealed, you were either into it because you saw Donald Duck waving a staff around Tarzan’s jungle, or you saw Cloud, Squall, and Sephiroth and your inner Final Fantasy nerd had a meltdown.

What Nomura said in a recent interview is that Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration between Disney and its own original characters and that Final Fantasy’s iconic stars were just marketing. Even if this isn’t a surprise to many fans, it’s still insulting.

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Inverno132d ago

Needs to go back to how it was done in the first game. We're introduced to both Disney and FF in Traverse Town, and their worlds collide there too with Donald and Goofy meeting Aerith and then the rest. For Namura to come out and say FF was never important to KH was just bs. I still can't believe we didn't get a conclusion to the Sephiroth and Cloud fight!

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Magic_Spatula132d ago

The reason it embraced Disney more than Final Fantasy is because it is a Disney IP so Disney has final say in what goes in it.

lucian229132d ago

more like they were lazy; they instead put 500 Xehonorts rather than ff characters; Nomura even made the excuse that their internal cast was already big enough it didn't need the ff characters. It was just being lazy

GoodGuy09132d ago

Yes. But square doesn't think so anymore. Original characters and disney will take up the majority. They'll just sell them as dlc like remind. Dumb af because ff+disney was the original attraction kh had.