EA Files Patent For In-Game Content Generated Using Player Behavior

From Exputer: "Patents filed by large cooperations like Electronic Arts are an ideal way to determine a company’s next venture. The behemoth company includes alluring IPs, but it is exploring some visionary concepts behind the public curtains. EA has recently published a new patent dubbed “PERSONA DRIVEN DYNAMIC CONTENT FRAMEWORK,” which is looking to alter the entire gaming landscape.

EA will use the new framework to utilize players’ in-game data, such as gameplay information, to revolutionize “content generation” and “product recommendations.” The patent cites, “A persona system determines a player persona for a player of a gaming system based on gameplay information for the user and, for example, performs dynamic content generation or additional product recommendations based on the player persona.”

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LordoftheCritics142d ago

''.....additional product recommendations based on the player persona''

XiNatsuDragnel142d ago

EA games never change guys sigh.....

PapaBop141d ago

Personas exorcise evil generally speaking, jog on EA and take your IPs with you. They should go focus on mobile games, there the general userbase would happily lap up their garbage and unlubed too!

sourOG141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Lazy bastards can’t even sell their own shit anymore Lmao. Just let the AI make the games for you too. It would probably be better like the generated art lmao

Leave it to EA to be like “making all of this easy money is such a hassle” lmao.

Stanjara141d ago

Yeah, how to connect whales with plankton people.

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