PAIN is the most downloaded game on PSN in 2008 writes:"The latest episode of Pulse reveals the top PSN game downloads of 2008. At the top of the list is Idol Minds' PAIN"

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Sevir044358d ago

it was only fun for the first hour.

Rob0g0rilla4358d ago

But I believe Pain is bundled with the 160gb PS3s.

Nineball21124358d ago

I agree... Pain lost it's appeal pretty quickly. It's not terrible, but there are much better games on PSN.

Jamegohanssj54358d ago

Yes Pain has been bundled with consoles since like the beginning of the year.


El_Colombiano4358d ago

I regret buying this game for the repetitiveness and the fact it is THE WORST nickle and diming game there is on PS3. Worse than Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

barom4358d ago

I think it was bundled with MGS4 (80gb) Bundle too

Danja4358d ago

I agree the fan factor for Pain lasted for about 1 hr then it got boring ..

Anon19744358d ago

Pixel junk Monsters - now there's a game. I just wish they'd come out with another island already!

Bnet3434358d ago

PAIN phucking sucks, and it is the most downloaded because mines came with my 80 GB PS3.

UltimateIdiot9114358d ago

I was so close to purchasing Pain during that sale but didn't when I found out it's just one level.

ruibing4358d ago

It's one of those games you play for awhile, forget about, and then come back to when you have some friends around.

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Kinetix4358d ago

Totally, I even bought the amusement park add-on to try to get some more out of it but again the fun only lasted about an hour. It's looks promising but in the end doesn't deliver any replay value.

dylantalon4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

multiplatform games are rubbish and i guess alot of people prefer the ps3 exclusives or psn exclusives.

the best things in life are free, the best thing in life is a ps3

ps. the talon stands for talented

darthv724358d ago

Isn't this game available for free to new purchasers?

doctorstrange4358d ago

its a shame really as there are many much better games on PSN - i still love Warhawk

LittleBigSackBoy4358d ago

I agree with the people at the top, i got Pain off a friend and got bored and deleted it within 30 minutes....

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The story is too old to be commented.