Digital Extremes Announces Soulframe; Team Gives Update on Warframe's Future

Digital Extremes announced during Tennocon 2022 that they have begun development on their new fantasy game, Soulframe.

LordoftheCritics587d ago

Everyone tried to access the website.

The site is probably wayyy overloaded.

Nitrowolf2586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

try with microsoft edge (as I shiver when i say that), thats where i have had my luck

Stanjara586d ago

It's the best browser there is!

RedDevils586d ago (Edited 586d ago )

Brave or Opera or Vivaldi better.

Nacho_Z586d ago

Quite intriguing. I played a huge amount of Warframe but I was never engaged with any of the lore. This looks more interesting in that sense, looks like they've taken inspiration from From, especially considering the name.

Wrex369586d ago

Warframe gameplay was awesome, could not get into the story. This story seems like it might be just as weird.

OneLove586d ago

Warframe has great fighting mechanics and pets. I'm glad it looks like both will be in this.

DVAcme586d ago

My two questions:
- Is the "Soul" in "Soulframe" a hint that it's gonna be a Souls-like?
- Is that Jeffrey Combs narrating the trailer?!?!?

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