God of War II to support 720p on the PS3

God of War II will not only be playable on the PlayStation 3, of course, but it will run at a true HD resolution of 720p. This is great news. While the original God of War was progressive-scan-enabled on the PS2, being able to play the sequel in 720p is a nice feature. Unfortunately, since the PS3 doesn't support rumble... some of us have a choice to make. Do I want my hands to shake when I rip someone's head off, or do I want to see more detail? It's a hard choice; I loved the rumble effects in the first God of War, but I'll probably go for the graphics.

So what do you think? How much value does this add for you?

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PureGamer4899d ago

so this will be good, never really cared for rumble.

JIN KAZAMA4899d ago

I cant wait for this game.

bigmack4899d ago

so i wonder what xboxzombie's will bash out now...

JIN KAZAMA4899d ago

Gimmie your login ID for PS3, i will love blowing you away playing MotorStorm!!!! LOL.

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The story is too old to be commented.