Rockstar Games has removed the classic GTA Vice City mobile port off the Google Play Store

Players can no longer purchase GTA Vice City on Google Play. Only the players who have it on their library can download and play.

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F0XHOUND737d ago

Can they remove the console remakes out of existence too?

Profchaos737d ago

In its defence this was quite a good port when it launched the mobile game landscape was nothing but endless runners and graphically impressive but shallow games and although it was missing music and had tons of bugs I was actually quite impressed it was the first time vice city went portable without needing to reduce graphics like the stories games and in many ways it looked better than the ps2 game which i played to death also.

I remember this game pretty fondly in 2022 as I used to commute for work up to 4 hours per day I played the hell out of this and was my first ever gta 100 percent.

But just to iterate porting this version to the ps5 was a horrible idea

Cikatriz_ESP736d ago

As far as I know none of the GTA games are playable on Android right now. I had to get refunds for both San Andreas and Chinatown Wars.


GTA Vice City Was Supposed To Be A GTA 3 Mission Pack

GTA Vice City was never meant to be a standalone game, instead it was originally planned to be a mission pack for GTA 3

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XiNatsuDragnel242d ago

Oh wow that's crazy I would've love gta 3 2 disc pack tbh.

P_Bomb242d ago

Vice City was my first GTA. Game changer!

CrimsonWing69241d ago

My second favorite GTA in the series.

Profchaos241d ago

I've lost count at how many times I've played VC over the years it's a masterpiece that is still within most people's top 5 GTA games.

I wouldn't be shocked if it was actually intended as a expansion pack given the tight timeline 12 months from the launch of GTA 3 and the fact that VC clearly recycled many assets and the second half of the game was rather unstructured
buy businesses do 3 missions accumulate money but more until you have all of them some assets didn't even have missions like pole position.

however I'm glad it became its own thing it became bigger than 3 every would have been and lead to a 80s revitalisation that occurred around the early 200s

Si-Fly241d ago

“That is still within most people’s top 5 GTA games.”

Praise indeed 🤣🤣🤣

241d ago

GTA+ Subscription Will Feature Android/iOS Titles

GTA+ members will be able to access Android/iOS entries according to a new app description on the Microsoft Store.


GTA Vice City's Silent Hill Mod Feels Like A Weird Dream

An old and mythical Silent Hill mod for GTA Vice City has been restored by a YouTuber and is available to play on PC or the original Xbox.