VR Needs Another Half-Life: Alyx

Two years on from VR's flagship title, the medium needs another one.

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Number1TailzFan260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

I've yet to play the first yet! Still decluttering all the junk and boxes i have.

Valve is supposedly working on couple of different things. Both Half Life related i think, the game called Citadel will supposedly have a main VR player (or players) controlling game elements for strategy etc and the rest will be non-VR, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out if true.

Those wanting their fill of Source 2 can also wait for S&box, the new GMOD but with a lot more potential. Would not surprise me if people make Half Life, Portal and L4D style multiplayer games in it.

ApocalypseShadow259d ago

Trust me when I say you won't have to wait long for it when PS VR 2 comes out. It's going to be filled with HL Alyx like quality games and moments of awe. And most likely have Alyx as one of its game releases. If you wait for Valve to do it, you'll be waiting "three ever." That's a long time to wait. Longer than "forever."

Valve's problem is the lack of studios or push to continue their momentum after Alyx. They made a very good headset and then made a very good game. And then, nothing. They jump all over the place making Steam boxes or portables or headsets or controllers but they're really to just get more Steam users. Making more games and being consistent is not Valve.

Quest isn't consistent because Facebook is spending all their time building up user features than games. Finger Tracking, Pass Through, Room Object Recognition, Cambria eye tracking, etc. That's great in a way. But with all that money, all you have to do is is ask, "Where's Facebook's last big game to go with those features?" When Nintendo has a new feature, they build games around it. With Facebook, there isn't any big finger, room or pass through game to say, "WOW! That's amazing." Something that pushes games forward. Paying third parties for 20 year old games isn't the way forward. And Capcom isn't first party. And with developers like Ready at Dawn, you'd think they would have something for Quest 2. Nope. And the Beat Saber developer just puts out more Beat Saber music DLC.

The push for more consistent releases like Alyx will come from Sony's headset release. Ground up or hybrid, that's where the momentum will be. Sony has the tech this time without naming it all. They have the first party studios that we know are capable studios. They have a huge list of franchises to pull from. They could easily make an Ape Escape (Dual Shock intro level) game or Astrobot to Killzone to Uncharted to Spider-man to Infamous, etc. And that's not counting Sony's second and third party connections getting games like Hitman or RE8 or Borderlands or whatever.

Facebook and Valve don't have that level of backing. Not enough franchises, not enough studios, not enough connections. They just don't. But, they'll benefit from PS VR 2 as game get ported cross platform that will help those headsets do well too that are not exclusive to Sony. Yup. PS VR 2 is the catalyst to what you're looking for consistently. That's why everyone's hope from developer to gamer for VR is on Sony because they have a history of delivering. And not just one offs like one hit wonders in music.