MGS4 in LittleBigPlanet Trailer

Yes, you read correctly. Starring the Paintenator: Paint of the Patriots.

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HighDefinition4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

But yeah, LittleBigPlanet doesn`t deserve GOTY...........(sarcasm)

Think of where this is going.....GOW, FF, DMC, KZ2, R2, all that.

That`s some REAL EXCLUSIVE DLC.(cheapshot!)

TheTwelve4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

Epic. This is like when Manchester United and the New York Yankees teamed up to market their products together...epic.

Or Disney and Square-Enix.


The Mikester4787d ago

dude that's f*cking awesome!
and they're going to make a Bioshock pack too :D

TheTwelve4787d ago

Now that this game has easy-to-add guns the legs on it will get even longer...mwuahahahahhahaaaaaaa aaaaa


masterg4787d ago

LBP is doing what we all knew it would.
It's evolving.

Sharpshell4787d ago

thats a good point! I have noticed by playing the user created levels online that I'll see an idea totally unique from the story mode levels (Azures palace anyone)and then I'll see a bunch of other people do a similar thing and then expand on it. I can't imagine how much things will evolve after this!

UltimateIdiot9114787d ago

That was awesome. This definitely add more to the fun factor for LBP.

Why o why4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

get out of here with that Man U sh!t. Behave

on topic

This will definitely give LBP a sales boost especially in Asia

'apology accepted';)

TheTwelve4787d ago

Hey, hey, I didn't say I LIKED Man-U...uh oh, I better back outta this..


The Killer4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

will be in my collection of games with MGS4 and R2 and MS:PR

but i wished it would be for free.

jwatt4787d ago

This is my game of the year, I played some of the best user created levels I ever played last night. Now seeing this Metal gear pack, I'm so excited!

meepmoopmeep4787d ago

day one!

even though i'm not a big MGS fan
(no, not at all) ~_^

Venomish4787d ago

this is what I call quality DLC!!!

Ateanboy4787d ago

Im seriously speechless... I bought LittleBigPlanet... It was pretty good... But THIS? THIS just shows me the real DIRECTION of where it's headed. All of a sudden im actually EXCITED about LittleBigPLanet. GUNS????? WHAT!?!?!? This game keeps getting BETTER and BETTER. Next thing you know they'll add liquids to it. They can literally add ANYTHING they want to the game. And you know they will, cause its a way for them to make WAY more cash than they normally would've. It benefits both. But Im seriously stoked about this sh*t.

k2d4787d ago

Paintgun equals instah-PWN! =O

iHEARTboobs4787d ago

That looks pretty sick. I'm getting it. LBP and MGS4 = Win

DaTruth4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

I'm so glad I bought this game day -6(got it on original launch date).

BTW play my level and heart, Mission 2 Mars 1.1 creator JediPimmmp. It has weapons and vehicles galore.

Hope they have the PMC soldier for download. I didn't see it in the pack, but it's in the video.

anh_duong4787d ago (Edited 4787d ago )

when i first bought this game i didn't think that lbp was that special - in fact i was a tad disappointed. however, the more i got to play the game the more i got to appreciate how wonderful the game really is.

lbp is a game that grows and grows on you and the only limit it seems to have is your imagination.

the more i play this game the more i realize that this is one of the greatest gaming experience ever created.

one day all games will be created this way i.e. gamings experiences that are only limited by the imagination of the player. this game isn't just a new genre IT could CREATE new genres - i don't think there is one other game that could claim this accolade.

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Liquid Dust4787d ago


just SH!T a brick

tako20004787d ago

I seriously don't know "sh*t" got past tense...

but hell, I do spend hour to wash my underwear after watch this clip

badz1494787d ago

MGS + LBP for a KILLING video! I ahve both and truly enjoy both except MGO but both are FTW!!

Johnny Cullen4787d ago

Whoever made that video deserves a fuking promotion/pay rise.

That is a Day One buy, no question.

Skyreno4787d ago

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! Getting it

olivia4787d ago

that was soooooooooo cool

yoghurt4787d ago

Are the levels available to buy also? or do we just get the materials and wait for some clever person to make them?

Not sure why they wouldn't release the levels if theyre clearly made already

HighDefinition4787d ago

It comes w/ 5 levels and prize bubbles in them you collect to earn these items for create mode.

PotNoodle4787d ago

Combined into one, i'm in heaven.