How do you solve a problem like E3? | Opinion

From "A little while ago, ReedPop's VP of gaming Kyle Marsden-Kish asked me if I'd like to help with E3.

The news is out that ReedPop -- the folks behind PAX, EGX and New York Comic-Con (amongst others) -- is handling the running of E3 2023. They're also the company that operates, and so it wasn't a surprise that they asked for our input.

I've always loved E3. I did as a teenager, when I'd spend all-night discussing the news on forums, before rushing out to buy all the games magazines to read what the journalists thought. And I do now as an adult, only this time I am writing the reports, and discussing the news at the Marriot bar instead."

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willbillbill257d ago

Very interesting take but I can't help but feel there isn't really a place for it anymore. Maybe making it a month long online event ending in a trade show for the heavy hitters like Nintendo, xbox and PS but they all do directs now whenever it suits them and they get alot of traffic from that.

I miss the days of seeing what each company had to offer, especially when it came to hardware reveals.