The most heart-rending gaming disappointments of 2008

From ArsTechnica:

"As 2008 draws to a close, there's lots of talk of the best games of the year, and the things that made us happy to be gaming... but this talk only tells part of the story. We tend to remember the games we fall in love with every year, but the things that drive us crazy tend to fade away with time. That's a shame; you can learn just as much from failure as you can from success.

With that in mind, the Opposable Thumbs staff came together to chat about the things that let us down the most this year, and here are our top five heart-breakers. In no particular order..."

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Yi-Long4301d ago

Bad online, still not REALLY next-gen, and wayyy too often you are left completely infuriated because your player decides to do something completely different to what to you 'ordered' him to do.

It's unbelievable that Konami still dares to release this game for full-price.

The biggest disappointment of 2008 though, werent the games. It's the industry in itself. from just really bad marketing decisions (too many different SKU's, to bad quality bundles (Kung Fu Panda and Indy Jones? Really?, too still way too overpriced accesories (sp?), to the constant barrage of DLC scamming and nickel-and-diming gamers for pretty much EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGggggggggggggg gggg.

I just really hate the way the industry is going, with the DLC, with the high prices, with the bad-mouthing the competition, etc etc.

The games are great. Nothing to complain about there. The whole 'industry'/'money-making' deal is just kinda a put-off.
There's actually way more to complain about, like Europe still being the industry's whipping-boy and all that, paying most for less... or about Nintendo not really releasing anything really worthwhile for their Wii, which must suck for those who actually bought a Wii.

Ah well... let's hope in 2009 there will be a little less greed and a little more love from everyone involved in the industry!

CViper4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

So right now, its more important(to sell newspapers/media/buzz) to move consoles, than it is to actually make a decent product.

I'm h appy with the good games from ________________ though. good 08, and even better 09.

Better gaming generations, you didn't even know how many consoles were being sold. Much much better gaming generations than this terrible gen..

Couldn't tell you how much amazing games sold either.

Peow4301d ago

Notice this all happened when Microsoft joined in...

I don't really believe it's because of Microsoft or anything, its just bad time on their part.

But DAMMIT! Gaming is turning into a business, focusing on money than the consumer... Pah! You don't see consumer focused groups anymore, everyone's based (more) off of money! Things are losing quality. All the old fashioned toys were made of tin and stuff, everything is plastic now.

DiabloRising4301d ago

CViper -

I think making the NPD sales public has essentially ruined the ability to intelligently discuss gaming online from the angle of ...what's the word I want?? Oh yeah... FUN!

CViper4301d ago

1. Community Value
- How the community feels about the game, how fun it is. The people looking forward to the game.

2. Buzz Value
- How hyped/popular the game is.

3. Sales Value
-how many copies has this game sold.

For some reason 3 seems to out weigh 1. And it NEVER used to be that way. You could put a 30 million dollar ad campaign into anything and sell it, but when the dust settles who remembers how the game was outside of the Ad's\Sales? Games values to the community lasts forever, thats why all great games are compared to greater games.

Who remembers how great _______(example) FF7 sold more so than they remember the actual game itself? Who remembers the attach ratio more so than crying like a school girl while playing a game.

Luckily, games dont cost bazillions of dollars. Although more expensive, their sales usually take care of them. So hopefully this world of sales being FAR more important that product wont be around for long.

But then I look at madden.

we are doomed.

Nogames08_09_360RROD4301d ago

i would have to put Gayble 2 and Queers of War 1.5 on that list.

INehalemEXI4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Is it the bad economy that makes the gaming media so pessimistic?

Most dissapointment in 08 for me was that Tekken 6 was not coming till 09. Plenty of goods in 08 do you leave out Haze and Too Human? Those where a couple of games that let alot of folks down..

ReBurn4301d ago

I was disappointed by no Tekken in '08 as well.

Nicaragua174301d ago

Both Tears Of Bore 1.5 and Feeble 2 are the biggest gaming disappointments of 2008.

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