The Case for Deathloop DLC

Deathloop's popularity suggests that it should receive a story expansion like prior Arkane games, but it is tricky to do with the game's plot.

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Chriswheeler22281d ago

Was it popular though really?

Goozex281d ago

Lol, not really. Can't believe it was goty

-Foxtrot281d ago

It wasn't bad, I liked it, I just wished there was more levels

Every Visionary should have had their own map rather than just having 4 maps and they occupy the same area at different times. Would have given us more variety through the missions and given us new areas to explore.

Oh and don't get me started with only being able to carry two powers at once...

-Hermit-281d ago

Nope. More loved by games media than anybody else.

KingofBandits280d ago

no lol. This game was handed awards and propped up by the media for very obvious reasons, the pandering was tangible on a cringe level. To no surprise the game was just ok, and people did not buy into the forced hype.

DeusFever280d ago

Deathloop went 1/2 off almost immediately after launch. Never high up on PS Blog’s download list. 7/10 for me, and when I mention that, no one defends the game. It’s ok for games to be one and done.

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281d ago
monkey602281d ago

I thought Deathloop looked like a complete bore in all the pre release build up.
But I gave it a shot and loved it!

chicken_in_the_corn281d ago

Giving this another go after giving up on it the first time. I still don't understand the praise it got.

Camb31691281d ago

I thought this was a very good game. I really enjoyed the level design and the occasional PvP.
I’ll take some DLC for sure.

Definitely not an incredible game.