PlayStation 2 is not a PC, says Court of Appeal

Sony's PlayStation 2 is officially a games console and not a computer, according to an English court judgment that denies the electronics firm a €50m (£34.2m) rebate for import duties.

Sony has been pursuing legal action for five years in attempts to have the machine classified as a "digital processing unit" and not a games console. Games machines attracted an EU import duty of 1.7 per cent in 2001, falling year by year to zero by 2004; but computers attracted no duty in that time.

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USMChardcharger6455d ago

i have heard that this is the exact same reason for the push on calling the PS3 a computer.
great moral business ethics Sony.

kingboy6455d ago

this strategy can work more with the ps3 cuz it already has linux in it

The Real Deal6455d ago

Dreamcast had windows in it. Thus the windows logo on every dreamcast. Some cell phones have windows in it. Doesn't matter folks. Even the 360 has a custom operating system simular to xp but customized. But none of them classify as a computer. lol...Sony is just getting desperate to save a buck when their stock has been declining. I feel bad for them in a way. But then my parents taught me that "what comes around" "Go's around" Sonys business tactics have been based on Lies and now "its coming back around to bite them and possibly destroy them. You can only trick people for so long. Eventually people get a clue and see things for how they are.

Lucidmantra6455d ago (Edited 6455d ago )

Just because something has an operation system doesn't make it a PC. The main function of the PS2, and PS3, and xbox360 are entertainment. The MAIN function of a Personal Computer is productivity. SO I guess if one of the launch titles for the PS3 is Sony Office 2006 then it will be a PC. Yes it can browse the internet, yes it has LINUx but that does not a computer make. And the 360 uses so little of anything windows that it isn't really even able to be called XP or Vista it borrows what it needs but B. Gates dream of running XP was shot down in planning due to the massive memory hit running windows takes, it would leave very little of what the XB360 had to run games. Of course it will run it i bet but at what cost?

TheMART6455d ago

It could. Maybe. I think it hurts it's image of a game console more (gamers are getting another console because they want to play games and don't want to own a new PC kind of thing in the living room) then it helps Sony gaining a little bit of money this way with taxes.

It gives me a feeling if Sony has lack of money, solvability and liquidity of money must be a problem. That's not a good sign with an expensive to produce PSZero with much loss on every console. If BetaBluRay would fail to get standard, then the problems of Sony can get really bad. They could go bankrupt over this big bet and that's not very wise of them

OutLaw6455d ago

Does this mean that Sony owe money on some sort of taxes over the years.

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