Insomniac hired a MCU concept artist as art director for Spider-Man 2

Insomniac has hired an experienced Marvel Cinematic Universe concept artist Davison Carvalho as an art director for the Spider-Man 2 game.

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ABizzel1343d ago

As much as I'd want to see Insomniac return to games like Resistance, I feel they're above that now (although I still think Housemarque would make a great Resistance as well with a AAA budget, considering they already make unique weapons and good shooting mechanics).

If Wolverine turns out well (as I don't see any reason why it wouldn't), Sony would be wise to strike an exclusive deal with Insomniac and Marvel to continue this spree. While there are some easy choices like Captain America, I think there are better choices that offer more compelling gameplay.

They could have large AAAA releases like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and add Black Panther, Thor, X-Men, and maybe even a villain like Thanos.

From there they could do a Marvel Ultimate Alliance type game, but with actual gameplay like Spiderman and Wolverine, and instead of having a random team, each character can have its own single-player story to play such as Dr. Strange, Hulk, Deadpool, Daredevil, Ironman etc... and have online co-op for those who want multiplayer. Basically what the actual Avengers game should have been.

jwillj2k4343d ago

"As much as I'd want to see Insomniac return to games like Resistance, I feel they're above that now"

No studio is above making a great game from another great franchise.

StarkR3ality343d ago

Yeah I actually liked Resistance, I think a modern take on it would be great. Only reason why Resistance didn't do as well as it maybe should have done back in PS3 days was that Killzone was Sony's darling and Halo/Battlefield/CoD were in the height of their powers, FPS were oversaturated at that point.

Nowadays However it's the opposite, and there's a severe lack of quality in that genre.

ABizzel1343d ago

It's not that they're above it in the sense Resistance is bad or no longer viable. It's the exact opposite Resistance is quality, however, Insomniac is making hundreds of millions to BILLIONS per Marvel game. For example, Miles has sold more than the entire Resistance franchise.

They're constantly teasing Resistance and dropping screenshots on social media, but I think they'd give it to another dev like Housemarque if a reboot was in discussion (like Resistance Fall of Man, but set in a Modern Warzone).


Agreed the PS3 had some great shooters (Resistance/Killzone/Warhawk/M AG/etc...), unfortunately, the PS3 lost NA where shooters were most popular, so many of their shooter IPs, unfortunately, didn't get a second chance on PS4.

MadLad343d ago

I don't want to see Insomniac turned into a Marvel License factory.
They did good with Spiderman, but I want to see them work on new IP as well.

Not just jump from Superhero to Superhero.

RaidenBlack343d ago

I'd really like a Sunset Overdrive sequel actually

CobraKai343d ago

They still made Ratchet and Clank. With all the licensed games they’re developing, a developer like Insomniacwill always go back to developing their own IPs, whether it’s new or an old franchise, regardless of how much the game makes. They need to stretch their creativity. All this with a seemingly crunchless working environment.

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