Starfield's Trailer Reveals Fascinating New Tech - And Age-Old Concerns

Digital Foundry : It's fair to say that Starfield is one of the most anticipated games and it's not difficult to see why - Bethesda, for all its faults, has built its empire with large-scale open world RPGs. There's a reason games like Skyrim remain popular to this day - the meticulously crafted worlds and sense of freedom capture the imagination. On paper, Starfield feels like the logical conclusion, a game that extends beyond a single planet through the reaches of space. I thought it would be fun to dive into Bethesda's presentation and see what we can glean about the game - from basics like image quality and performance to the overall approach to tech and design.

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SullysCigar705d ago

There was a lot of jank. There's a long time to go before release, so we'll see.

Bethesda aren't a company whose games I'd bother to play day 1 anyway, given their past. I'll wait and hopefully have a more enjoyable and complete experience down the line. Skyrim was a broken mess for way too long, Fallout 4 was repetitive and got tedious fast. The least said about Fallout 76, the better.

I like the premise of Starfield though, having dipped into No Man's Sky again recently, so I'll keep an eye on how this progresses.

Atom666705d ago

So subtle there at the end...

You crack me up.

SullysCigar705d ago

Subtle? My reference to NMS? That's what I saw, NMS x Fallout 4. I'm not sure the latter part of that pairing is appealing.

If there's Fallout 4 style scrap collecting and NMS style mining in order to build anything, it's a pass for me. I'm burnt out on that kind of filler.

I'm hoping they can fix the flying and bring the shooting up to par, as they're more my bag. We'll know more next update.

Atom666705d ago

Maybe not so subtle then, lol.

Here's a good video on some of the differences between NMS and a game like Starfield.


Stanjara704d ago

Starfield is NMS. What? If you need to watch an hour long analysis how it isn't when in 3min trailer you saw that it is... well.

Atom666704d ago


Great point!!! Why have an educated opinion...

generic-user-name704d ago

What's this defensiveness over the NMS comparisons? NMS, eventually, became a good game. The Starfield demo immediately screamed NMS, admittedly though, the demo made it look like seamless transitions from surface to space would be a thing so it's less like NMS in that regard, but still. Describing Starfield as NMS with a Bethesda quest structure shouldn't automatically be an insult.

Atom666704d ago

It shouldn't be an insult, yet let's not pretend that it's not being used as one.

If you go past the demo and the console warrior circle jerks, you can have a healthy discussion about how it's similar or how it's not.

But that's not what we get.

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sparky77704d ago

And yet both Skyrim and Fallout 4 won bucket loads of GOTY awards.

Graphics don't make a game great, gameplay does and no one does WRPGs betters than Bethesda.

SullysCigar704d ago (Edited 704d ago )

Ever heard of The Witcher 3?

It's not about the graphics. Sure, they're average at best for the most part in Bethesda open worlds, but it's the gameplay I care about. That's often archaic too, with poor AI and combat, and repetitive gameplay loops.

I really enjoyed Skyrim - 6 years after it's troubled launch - only to discover there was STILL a quest bug preventing me from completing it. I checked the message boards and many others had the same problem, but Bethesda had drawn a line and moved on.

That's too frustrating and frankly unacceptable.

This is why I need more from their games before I leap in. Better quality, fully fleshed out, feature-rich, interesting gameplay and no quest bugs. I'm forever cautious given my experience and everything I've seen and heard of their most recent releases.

I'm still hopeful, because they have heaps of time still. I'm just not ploughing in money and time until I'm sure I'll get what I want from it. Others have seen enough and are all in already. We're all different.

Muigi704d ago

Horizon 1+2 and Witcher 3 say hello.

Godmars290704d ago

"Long time before release"?

Within twelve months is a "long time"?

SullysCigar704d ago

No, you're right. It's a long time to wait, not so much a long time in development terms - not with this much work to be done.

Obscure_Observer704d ago

"If there's Fallout 4 style scrap collecting and NMS style mining in order to build anything, it's a pass for me. I'm burnt out on that kind of filler."

Lol. So I´m glad to say that you no longer have to waste your time on Starfield topics, since Todd already confirmed that you´ll need resources/materials from different planets to build stations, ships and upgrade/craft your weapons/equipments.

This game definitely is not for you.

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XiNatsuDragnel705d ago

I think this game will be buggy because it's Bethesda in my opinion but hey to ppl who like it my respect to you.

Godmars290704d ago

Apparently many devs familiar with Bethesda's in house engine left because Fallout 76 was such a headache to make, so that's an issue with Starfield.

Gardenia704d ago

To me it looks mediocre, and I'm usually right. This games already has been hyped up way to much and after Fallout 76 Bethesda has a lot to make up for.

The engine that they are using for so long now has to get a major update or they should make a new one all together.

babadivad704d ago

People groaned when they heard this game and Elder Scrolls 6 will still be using this 25 year old engine. Todd could see the disappointment in the interviewer's eyes when he confirmed this.

Todd tried to spin it saying that they keep adding stuff onto it so it isn't a big deal. Besides, the modders know the engine so well they will be able to have mods ready as soon as the game launches.

babadivad704d ago

Because they're basically using a 25 year old game engine they have been trying to Frankenstein features onto for a decade.

It's going to have all the same exploits and issues every Gamebryo game Bethesda launches.

frostypants703d ago (Edited 703d ago )

It'll probably be awesome...a year or so after release. Bethesda hasn't released an RPG that wasn't a bugfest since the 1990s. Which is when the first two Elder Scrolls were released. And were also bugfests. So more accurately they've never released an RPG that wasn't a bug fest, I guess.

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isarai705d ago

My issue with this, is i'm getting real Destiny reveal vibes here. Lots of TALK about exploration and adventure, but not SHOWING it. You'd think if they were "putting on the finishing touches" at this point, they would be able to show a sizeable bit of exploration. Instead all we got was a cutscene transition landing to a small camp, a shootout. Then a very empty space dogfight. Where was the exploration? Not saying it for sure isn't there, but i think it's a red flag that they didn't show it

Lightning77704d ago

"My issue with this, is i'm getting real Destiny reveal vibes here. Lots of TALK about exploration and adventure, but not SHOWING it."

It's a Bethesda Game of course it has exploration. That's a weird concern. So you believe it's some sort of linear experience? Or there's no exploration or something?

isarai704d ago (Edited 704d ago )

The industry in general has made me skeptical of everything and everyone but this red flag always permeates into an issue when dev/publishers talk a lot about a key pillar in their game and for whatever reason dont show it. Bethesda has always premiered their RPGs with some wandering around to show you the world, so why not this time? The fact that it IS the outlier is what concerns me. I'm not saying one way or the other, i'm just saying something is up, and whenever any game does this it's cause they were hiding something, be it lackluster map, fruitless exploration, or not what they suggested. I hope im wrong, but it's certainly weird

XxINFERNUSxX704d ago

I just want to know how many bugs we will see upon release? 🤣🤣

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ironmonkey703d ago

Who knows, your ship might look like a beetle lol. Jk

XxINFERNUSxX703d ago

I'll take it lol. My flying beetle 😁

generic-user-name704d ago

Seeing a lot of 'if you criticise Starfield, it's because it's an Xbox exclusive and you're a fanboy' on comment sections and twitter. Which is a great shield for Bethesda. Let's not forget they were called Bugthesda long before they were acquired.

VenomCarnage89704d ago

It's a great shield for anything Xbox. They don't even have to release a game for 2 years and they'll have simps foaming at the mouth to defend their practices. Meanwhile it's too much for us to ask Ms to simply be competent in the industry, enough so to keep competitors in their toes at least