The 5 best Simpsons games, ranked

From the classic arcade game to their appearance in Lego Dimensions, The Simpsons has a storied history in gaming.

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Orchard179d ago

Hit & Run is the best. We totally need a remake... or even a back compat release.

chicken_in_the_corn178d ago

Why a remake? Why not a new game?

Orchard178d ago

I'd be down for either :)

RedDevils178d ago

I like the old Simpsons cast more.

Number1TailzFan178d ago

No Virtual Springfield? Though tbf it was more of an experience than a game, even though it did have some little gameplay in some parts. Fun for fans though.

Hit & Run was great, my only complaint would be that Homer didn't have enough missions, the game could've been a bit longer and bigger.

NecrumOddBoy178d ago

This! Virtual Springfield is hands down the best Simpsons game. Such love and a modern take on that (in VR) would really bring the 35 years of Simpson-mania together in one massive package. I would love this!

-Hermit-178d ago

Homer didn't have enough missions? What do you mean? Homer and Bart were the only 2 characters that got 2 levels each.

Venoxn4g178d ago

I myself liked the DS version of the Simpsons game much more than the one on main consoles, it was a proper 2D platformer game, I recommend.

chicken_in_the_corn178d ago

Hit & Run is in dire need of a sequel. They could do so much more with the upgraded tech.

-Hermit-178d ago

15 years without a single Simpsons game now because it's in the hands of one of the worst companies, EA. A license in the hands of one of the worst companies and look what they have done to it. They have effectively killed it to make money off that crappy mobile game.

brewin178d ago

Im with you, I hate when companies effectively kill off a franchise like that. They could have done anything with the license and they did THAT?! 🤦🤷

brewin178d ago

My dream would be for Volition to use the Saints Row engine for a Simpsons open world game. Would be awesome!

brewin178d ago

Hit and Run was by far my favorite, even though I loved the Simpsons Arcade. I even had the full old school cabinet in my house at one point! A video store in my town went out of business the guy sold me the arcade unit for $50 😳 I couldn't say no! Good times.

I totally wish we could get a new Hit and Run sequel or similar open world GTA style Simpsons game. I loved exploring the iconic places in game. I'm so glad I live near Universal Orlando, the Simpsons themed parts of the town are amazingly detailed and fun to be around, even if the rides suck.