Forza Motorsport - Official Gameplay Demo - Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

Witness the power of Xbox Series X through Forza Motorsport.

Jin_Sakai735d ago (Edited 735d ago )

Looks amazing! Real time RT on track, dynamic time of day and weather on all tracks, ambient temperature changes, Photogrammetry and 3D material scans, 48x times improvement in physics simulation, and precise car damage model.

Can’t wait to play it!

Obscure_Observer735d ago

This is the next step for Racing games. So hyped.

Lightning77735d ago

I also think the Xbox One version was just used for possible cloud verison or temporary low grade code on Xbox One for some sort of development testing.

ABizzel1735d ago

I agree it looks good the addition of RT and dynamic time and weather are welcome additions, and the game will likely look it's best when we see RT on a rainy course. I'm surprised they didn't show that off.

That being said I wonder what resolution and performance looks like with RT on track. If it's 4K@60fps with RT on then that's an achievement and they've done a great job optimizing this for Series consoles. Also will the Series S version have RT as well or will it be dropped for SSR to keep a 1080p@60fps target.

porkChop735d ago

They said RT was on both SX and SS.

ABizzel1734d ago

I'm sure the game will look great on all platforms as Forza generally does, but "allegedly" what they showed was the PC version running at max settings. ElAnalistaDeBits did a side-by-side comparison with Forza 7, and they specific the new Forza demo was the PC version at max settings.


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Fishy Fingers735d ago

Nice. Looks like they've taken some of the Horizon teams tech for time of day cycle. RT looking good on reflections (even in the break disc during the damage demo).

Flawlessmic735d ago

Definitely looks good thats for sure, i also noticed the RT on the break disks.

Shame we wont be getting the game this year but cant wait none the less.

Im curious to get a feel for the cars and see how it all plays the psychics, sound, car weight, tyres, the dynamic weather and how the track goes from dry to wet and vice versa. Was happy to hear about tyre compounds and fuel management as i love the races in gt7 when u need to manage fuel and tyres along with the changing conditions. I mean i know people love shitting on gt7 but for the above its comes up aces which is all that matters for a racing sim and after 170hrs of gt7 im so ready to dive into forza and see how it stacks up.

Hopes are super high for this!!!

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RaidenBlack735d ago

The on-track RT implementation sounds & looks pretty interesting.
Need to show off more gameplay.

alb1899735d ago

The best racing game just got better!