The 10 Best-Looking Shiny Pokemon Across All Regions

Shiny Pokemon have been an integral part of the Pokemon universe since Generation II, and although the word “shiny” took a little while to stick, The Pokemon Company has made a big deal out of the concept since its inception. Jason Capp has the list of the best-looking shiny Pokemon across all the current regions!

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Pokemon Go Refunds: Niantic Settlement Offers No Direct Payouts

A recent lawsuit against Pokemon Go maker Niantic claims the company made it difficult for minors to get refunds for in-app purchases. This could be relevant if your child under 18 spent real money on the game between July 2016 and the present.

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Pokémon GO players rally against Niantic after poor customer service

After the release of the horrid avatar update, Pokémon GO fans are trying to get items refunded. This has led to some getting threats of being banned.

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Examining what went wrong with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

NE: "Today, we're looking at the development of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. How does BDSP hold up in 2024?"

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gold_drake56d ago

the chibi overworld models
the bugs
easy difficulty, especially the top 4.
to essentially remaking the base game without the expension that was the platin version of the game, like, why?

jambola56d ago

graphics looking worse than the original
forced exp all