What could a different Microsoft studio do with Halo?

Halo Infinite has been a contentious game for fans. Could one of Microsoft's newer FPS studios create a fresh Halo experience?

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SullysCigar368d ago

Hopefully, make a complete game with all the promised modes and enough content to entertain for more than a couple of weeks of play.

343i have had enough chances. Everyone was up against the pandemic, not just them, but they had FAR greater resources and financial backing than other devs - not-to-mention time AND delays - and still we're left with a half-baked game.

Move 343i onto something more their speed and give this franchise to a proper developer, before it's damaged beyond repair.

Tacoboto368d ago

343i is named after a character in the franchise, they can't exist and *not* be a part of Halo. What I'd think to be most ideal would be to convert 343 into a publishing group, and hand dev responsibilities to other studios. Halo Wars were good games. MCC in its current state is really good.

But executive and managing decisions are also a fundamental problem for them, so I hate this idea too. The studios I trust to make a good Halo game I'm more excited to see their own stuff - and Certain Affinity only seems to have multiplayer experience. I don't want the franchise to end either, because it does have good fundamental gameplay, just surrounded by buts. Tight controls, but desync. Smooth traversal, but limited maps. The biggest campaign yet is focused on Chief, but only one biome.

Obscure_Observer367d ago

"Move 343i onto something more their speed and give this franchise to a proper developer, before it's damaged beyond repair."

Lol. A game that has a 87 Metascore and 80 Usercore.

Please. You´re not concerned with Halo and never has. Say what you want but the truth is that Halo Infinite is a great game.

People talk shit about Halo as a half experience while giving Naughty Dog a pass when they promised Factions to be released Day One as full game! And guess what? To this day we saw nothing after almost two years! Not even a release date. And you don´t see Xbox gamers talking shit about Naughty Dog telling they should be replaced. Or Polyphony with their atrocious GT7 launch.

342i is fine and will continue to make Halo games whether you like or not. FYI they´re already working in a new one as we speak, so, in other words, bad news for you.

ChubbyBlade367d ago

Sorry but you’re delusional if this is your take. 343 has consistently released games that lose over 90% of its audience within a few months.

Christopher367d ago

***343 has consistently released games that lose over 90% of its audience within a few months.***

Regardless of whatever argument is being had above, this is a poor argument since this is almost every single game out there. That's how games work and why they keep releasing new ones every month.

Knushwood Butt367d ago

'And you don´t see Xbox gamers talking shit about Naughty Dog telling they should be replaced. Or Polyphony with their atrocious GT7 launch.'.

You just did that exact thing you say Xbox gamers don't do!!!
Have you ever played GT7?

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RedDevils367d ago

Lol comparing 343i to Naughty Dog who consistently release multi awards winning games one after another, breaking record in all front. Damn must a biggest joke ever.

AmUnRa367d ago

O boy OO this one off the worst and delusional comment you wrote on N4G.
The lies in this comment are just cringle.

1Victor367d ago

Going by what a few N4G hardcore Xbox fans said the game wasn’t as good as other halo games.
You can’t compare a 3rd person SINGLE PLAYER ACTION/Shooter game developer to a first person shooter developer that’s WELL KNOWN / PRIDEFUL for its MMO gameplay and divert the attention by saying oh the other guys did it and no one say anything, I thought that you was smarter than that but I guess I overestimated you.
Does the game need a new developer I can’t tell you I never played it I can only go by the comments here from the hardcore Xbox fans that say yes, but let’s be real for a second it won’t happen till Microsoft see a drastic drop in revenue from the game players 🤷🏿

BehindTheRows366d ago

If there was ever a time you show how out of touch you really are, this is it.

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Gunstar75367d ago

I play halo every day. Even if just a couple of matches. What 343i have made is actually really very good. The problem is the pace at which they are releasing content. They have barely kept the hype fire smouldering

Crows90367d ago

Perfect dark for N64 released with more content.

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Mr Pumblechook367d ago

Q: 'What could a different Microsoft studio do with Halo?'

A: Have professional project management so the game launches on one date complete with the single-player and multiplayer elements as well all gameplay modes and features including the Forge and campaign splitscreen.

Atom666366d ago

It's staying with 343.

Despite all of the ups and downs, and the vocal fans (and non-fans), 343 has yet to make a bad game.

4, 5, and Infinite may not be anyone's pick as the best Halo, but they've all been good. Right now, it's hard for me to play Infinite and not recognize that Halo has never felt better to play.

Hopefully they've sorted out their management and production issues because there's a lot of talent shown in the game itself.

Between HW2 and Infinite, it seems like they've figured out the right direction on the story. With Infinite, gameplay is right where I want it.

All of this "half-baked" talk is console war drivel to me. They have some stuff to work out like forge and Co op. That's fair criticism. But it's a really good game, and it's a good Halo title.

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KicksnSnares368d ago

Id Software should take over the Halo franchise, and 343 should work on a new IP

Tacoboto368d ago

I mentioned a couple weeks ago I'd like to see an id ODST title. They could really go far with that, especially if they can work in a story involving the Flood. They also know how to do a quiet deadly protagonist better than most as Doom 2016 and Eternal proved.

But as I said above, I'd rather them create their own games as opposed to being the fallback for what essentially is another studio's failure

Lightning77367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


People wonder why 343i management has tanked in the past 3 to 4 years of development. It's because there's no passion in creating Halo for the time being. They need to give the IP to someone else maybe I'D over at Bethesda. Have a brand new take on Master Chief and the Halo universe.

If no other studio wants to make it, then shelve the game and make a brand new IP. Get the team excited and passionate again. MS has what 31, 32 Studios now? Halo needs to take a back seat, just like Gears is taking a hiatus.

GG released KSF while graphically impressive it didn't live up to the other Kill Zones. So GG went to Sony and asked to do a brand new franchise. Now we got the Horizon games and is a very successful IP. The same needs to happen to 343i. Again to get the team excited and engaged and passionate again. Halo Infinite is a sad passionless state because of it.

RedDevils367d ago

Even Bungie got bore with Halo. How much can you milk from a franchise that cannot get any better.

Obscure_Observer367d ago

The only developers that I would trust a main Halo game is Bungie or Valve. None of those studios are Microsoft´s, so, I think I would not complain in case Obsidian or Machine Games would step in and take over some spinoff Halo game like Reach.

porkChop367d ago

Valve? Wtf? How would they ever be right for Halo? They've never made anything remotely like it.

MachineGames is great for SP, but they aren't great at MP. So they would need to collab with someone like id Software potentially. I would love to see that.

I could see Obsidian doing something like Outer Worlds in the Halo universe, but I'm not sure that's the direction the series needs.

Obscure_Observer367d ago

"Valve? Wtf? How would they ever be right for Halo? They've never made anything remotely like it."

Halo is a game that heavily relies on physics, IA, vehicles, innovative weapons, level design and gameplay.

Due Valve´s track record with games like Half Life and Portal, I belive they would be perfect for the job.

porkChop367d ago

I guess I understand what you're saying. Halo and Half-Life have some surface level similarities. But the style and feel of gameplay, storytelling, etc., are just miles apart. In Half-Life Valve put a heavy emphasis on interactivity and puzzles, be it a jump puzzle, physics-based, etc. Halo doesn't really do any of that.

Maybe they could pull off a spin-off like ODST, where it's its own thing. But I don't personally think they'd be a good fit for a mainline Halo game. I think the resulting game would just be too different, even though it would probably be a good game in its own right. It just wouldn't be Halo. Their approach to game design is very different from Bungie, and even 343 which itself is made up of a lot of ex-Bungie devs.

Review_Rush367d ago

Drop it, look at some new IP for now

ChubbyBlade367d ago

Tactical marine based shooter. Play as the covenant during the invasions. Make it M rated again and keep it far away from 343

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