Fan-made GTA: San Andreas Unreal Engine 5 remake blows Definitive Edition away

A reimagined Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Unreal Engine 5 makes the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition fiasco look even worse.

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porkChop729d ago

Wow that looks far better than what we actually got.

Eidolon729d ago

They didn't give us a remake, just a trash remaster.

Retroman729d ago

It's a "Damn" Shame fans make games "Better" than developers lazy SOB.
Other day on YouTube fan remade Need for Speed Mostwanted (2005)
Beautiful, just beautiful.

darksky729d ago

My prediction is that even GTA6 won't look as good as this.

ClayRules2012729d ago

Hmmm, I’m thinking your prediction won’t come true. Rockstar’s engine and their work on display in the likes of RDR2 can still compete and in some areas beat other open world games nowadays, alongside story driven linear games.

This does look amazing, as did RDR2 in Unreal Engine 5 (that one was unbelievable) but when the time comes, I believe (even though I don’t much trust Rockstar as of late, for various reasons) that they’ll still deliver an incredible looking, living/breathing world, that blows are expectations outta the water with GTA6. Visually speaking and with attention to detail.

Now, whether Rockstar go weak in the knees and pull back on offending anyone and everyone (as they’ve done with GTA’s in the past) that I’m worried about and think they might dial it down, which is sad to see. But time will tell.

ABizzel1729d ago

Rockstar has been iffy. We see where the Rage Engine can be pushed with mods with every release, but Rockstar builds their games to run on a slightly lower than console spec so that their games can sell and appeal to tens / over a hundred million gamers.

As much as GTA is a game, it's also a benchmark for scalability, so Rockstar could very well push GTA6 to be a huge improvement over the decade long GTAV releases, but it also could be on par with best of cross-gen graphics. There are things here that the base console simply can't replicate in a full open-world game (mainly the quality of texture work in some scenes), but overall they should very well be able to produce something that's similar in quality, less in some areas (Weather effects / RT reflections), and much better in others (character models / buildings).

porkChop729d ago

Eh... GTA V was a huge jump from GTA IV. RDR 2 was an even bigger jump from GTA V. I think skipping an entire gen, and with raytracing and all the other new tech there's no way GTA VI isn't a massive jump graphically from GTA V. Rockstar may take far too long to release games but no one can deny their attention to detail and pushing the technological boundaries with each new game.

ClayRules2012729d ago

Well said. Really, when looking at the jump from GTA5 to RDR2, I’m in disbelief, because that jump is mind blowing. RDR2 still blows me away today, with the rich details in animation, world detail, the living breathing world, and the dialogue that NPC’s have with Arthur or one another.

Trying to pinpoint how the team will evolve this and possibly “Revolutionize” the industry forward AGAIN lol, I just don’t know. I question if they can (knowing some big names have left, but I also do know there’s still some insanely talented people there. But still, I just don’t know.

I wanna see real destruction (with like Tornadoes or Hurricanes) not sure how they’d go about that in terms of story etc...but a weather system that could really damage the world around you, all in real time, that’d be awesome and frightening haha. Your in a car chase and 75-85 mile an hour winds blow you all over the road, possibility of your car flipping, run for cover, but the open area becomes dangerous now...BAM Stop sign to the face “WASTED”😂😂

Just something that makes the player use strategy in those situations, as you would in real life, but make it fun and interesting, since we are playing a game after all. But real life elements to some degree come in.

ABizzel1728d ago


The reason why it's such a big jump is because GTAV has had so many releases that people forget at it's core GTAV is a PS360 game, not a PS4/XBO. And it's SIGNIFICANTLY easier to render impressive-looking forested environments than it is to render impressive-looking urban environments.

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XiNatsuDragnel729d ago

1000x better than the official product in my opinion

729d ago
MrChow666729d ago

it's not even a product...just a couple of static models

XxINFERNUSxX729d ago

At this point I rather give money to fans, than the actually devs. As usual the fans always get it. I wouldn't even take GTA: The Trilogy Definitive Edition for free torrent or if it was given to me. This is what the Definitive Edition is worth: 💩💩💩

frostypants729d ago

No fan is actually going to remake the game like this. You got fooled by clickbait.