Techland Reveals Unannounced AAA Fantasy RPG with First Image

Techland has finally revealed a preview of its unannounced AAA fantasy open world action-RPG.

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Community760d ago
RaidenBlack760d ago

Keep using the C-Engine.
Just update it with more higher-quality assets and effects.

senorfartcushion760d ago

What is it with companies making fantasy RPGs? There’s 3 or 4 new ones announced every day at this point. It’s the same stuff over and over again.

isarai760d ago

Not really, only ones i know of are Avowed and Elder Scrolls VI

jBlakeeper760d ago

You’re forgetting Forspoken.

isarai760d ago


Well seeing as how we really haven't seen just how the gameplay loop and character building works, i'd say that's too early to call atm

phoenixwing760d ago

I buy pretty much every fantasy rpg if it's passable score wise like 6 or 7 on up. Blame me lol I don't care because I like them and I'm not alone

FalcorMononoke760d ago

You ever play Kingdoms of Amalur or Dragon's Dogma? Both bangers.

phoenixwing760d ago

Own both bought them twice on PlayStation and pc

esherwood759d ago

I’ve heard that about dragons dogma but it just felt to clunky. Couldn’t get into it but people love it

smashman98760d ago

The year is 2006. There are space marines everywhere. I mind my own business and play my fantasy rpgs.

senorfartcushion760d ago

I definitely think it’s an issue of what era we are in. The post-9/11 era of gaming was grey and brown war shooters, but I grew up with those games and really don’t like the fact that, instead of making less of them, linear became a failure of games design, instead of a kind of games design.

Sifu has actually scratched a bit of that itch for me, and hopefully Max Payne’s remakes come through swiftly.

Fantasy games I can live without. I’ve put 9 hours in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (a kind of fantasy game) and I’m only at the beginning. It’s tedious to do anything and the dialogue is forever cringey 😅😅

“Come brother, let’s storm the field of battle and get our swords wet once more!”

I really hope they literally mean their swords and not “their swords.” Lol

coolbeans760d ago

It's just the nature of genre cycles. A couple of strong ignitors like The Elder Scrolls and Witcher series can inspire dozens of other studios to try their hand at it too.

GreenLit760d ago

When was the last really good one? Most company make half baked RPGs that almost fill a void.

Daeloki760d ago

Fantasy RPG is a pretty wide scope with a fair amount of variation, so even if there were as many announcements as you're claiming, I don't see why it would be a bad thing.

Broncob759d ago

They can make what ever they want lol. Plus it's not the same thing, theme yes but they all vary immensely in terms of art direction, gameplay, story etc etc. If you don't like don't buy it eh

esherwood759d ago

I’m loving it and I’m assuming it’s because people are buying them

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GamesAsAService760d ago

Ok this is really interesting.

It looks like there might be 3 studios working on AAA fantasy open world action RPG's.

Bethesda (ESVI)
Obsidian (Avowed)
and now Techland.

As a fan of the genre generally, this is really cool.

Palitera760d ago

Hellraid became a meh "expansion".

In open world their mechanics might be really interesting. Really loved Dead Island.

Omnisonne759d ago

Hopefully a proper version of Hellraid, or something close to it.

RaidenBlack760d ago

Playground Games (Fable), Game Science (Wukong, souls-esque though but still counts), BioWare (DA4, last concept vid looked a bit action oriented, might be wrong), CDPR (new Witcher), Capcom (Dragon's Dogma 2, much rumored), SE (FFXVI, seems abit Witcher-esque) ....

GamesAsAService760d ago

I probably should have mentioned classical fantasy, first person, action RPG. I was too vague.

But yes you are right, lots of RPG's to look forward to.

porkChop760d ago

I think it's great to have more games of similar style to The Elder Scrolls. Competition leads to better games, and it'll ease the wait for new TES games.

RaidenBlack760d ago

There's another upcoming one called Blacktail.