New Atlus Survey Asks You Which Platforms You'd Like For Persona 6, Remakes, Ports, & More

Today Atlus released a survey to poll its fans, and for the first time, the survey for North American was launched at the same time as Japan.

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Inverno7d ago

PC with it being Deck verified would be nice

VersusDMC7d ago

It being on Switch would comprimise the potential of the PS5 version. I would rather not have a 4k 60fps switch game on my PS5 but have a game built for current gen.

GameBoyColor7d ago

This would be fine if Atlus was a studio that pushed the boundaries of tech, but they don't lol

Yui_Suzumiya6d ago

I only play on my Switch OLED so I have to disagree. Everything by Atlus should be on Switch because it's a perfect fit. I have 13 Sentinels, Catherine and Persona 5 Strikers and they all run beautifully on it.

VersusDMC6d ago

Beat catherine on switch and it is good performance wise, 13 sentinels is all 2d so i doubt there's an issue...

But P5 strikers runs below 30 on switch and it is unbearable to me. Had to get the PS4 version which is 60fps to finish it. If you have the option get the PS4 version!

ufo8mycat7d ago

For sales, PS5 & SWITCH makes the most sense.

Santouryuu6d ago

Please no switch, damn lightweight.

pietro12126d ago

You act like the Persona games are graphically demanding

Santouryuu6d ago

@pietro if they make a switch version, it sure won't be.

Yui_Suzumiya6d ago

I only game on the Switch OLED

pietro12126d ago

They aren’t graphically demanding in the first place. Persona 5 was just an upscaled PS3 game. The switch could run it. Also JRPGs on handheld systems is the best combination.

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The story is too old to be commented.