New Forza Motorsport Screenshots Leaked, Reportedly Running On Xbox One

A set of screenshots have leaked for a brand new Forza Motorsport. This version is reportedly in development for the Xbox One as well.

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Jin_Sakai780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

I’m sure they’re just play testing it on a wider platform. It’s still listed as current gen only on the website.

Regardless, cannot wait until this cross gen crap ends once and for all. It’s time games take full advantage of current gen hardware and leave ancient last gen behind.

neutralgamer1992780d ago

It will be end of next year when we will see majority current generation only games. And even than I think many publishers will carry on supporting Xbox one x and PS4 pro for a bit longer than that

The difference between Xbox series S and Xbox one x or PS4 pro isn't that big

Zhipp780d ago

They're only close if the CPU and SSDs end up meaning nothing for next gen games -- which would be a bummer considering how hyped those features were.

amazinglover780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

"The difference between Xbox series S and Xbox one x or PS4 pro isn't that big "

This statement is incorrect on a number of levels.

Having an SSD vs not having one is a big difference the GPU and RAM maybe within shouting distance of each other but the storage mediums used are very far from each other.

neutralgamer1992780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Yes but we have already seen next gen games work on last gen consoles. So what's stopping the greedy publishers from trying to target a bigger audience

I said many publishers basically EA, ubi and Take Two. Full of greedy and micro transactions

darkrider779d ago

Right. The main problem is the cpu. Anybody that thing otherwise is just in denial. The last forza runs at 4k 60 frames on the one x. That got more memory, better because it's unified and more bandwidth. For starters.

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darthv72780d ago

Cant wait.... this is gonna be lit af.

Jin_Sakai780d ago

Another beta tester said it would easily compete with GT7 from what he played and he was able to race on 3 tracks and 5 or so cars I believe.

King8780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

I don’t know Jin The last few Forza Motorsport games Felt more like a arcade sim racer than a actually car simulation like GT. I hope This new Forza can compete with GT7 when it come to car Physics because right now GT7 is the best in this area.

Jay767780d ago

Did some Xbox fans trash gt7 for being crossgen I wonder how those Xbox fans feel about this.

franwex780d ago

They didn’t trash gran turismo. They trashed Sony fans as retribution for trashing Xbox fans about Microsoft announcing that they will support the existing Gen for a couple more years and Sony doing the same.

So as you can see you then trashing them, about trashing gran turismo, about trashing cross Gen is continuing the trash cycle.

Jay767780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

I don’t understand why PlayStation and Xbox fanboys trash each other games 24/7 the console war isn’t fun anymore it’s just becoming toxic.

InUrFoxHole779d ago

Its because they feel the need to justify their purchase. Really we should be uniting demanding better features, cross platform games and less price hikes. Idk just my opinion.

Auron780d ago

Screenshots look like crap

Lightning77780d ago

They look rough. Apparently the build was from last July.

theindiearmy780d ago

And on last-gen hardware, and taken off screen.

purple101779d ago

I thought they look okay and I'm a ps fan through and through.

Any problem is with Gt7 physics are way better than Forza has ever been. And now, you can feel brake and accelerator through the motors in the triggers that's impossible to compete with once you've tried it.

If it is better, it will be better in visual, only.

Zhipp779d ago

Do the triggers matter in this comparison? I mean, if you're a hard core sim fan, wouldn't you be using a wheel anyway?

Profchaos779d ago

Almost 12 month old extremely early development screenshots. That's like going to an ultrasound early in a pregnancy and going off that it doesn't look right it's not meant to it's not done.

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BurritoWarrior130d ago

Beyond repair at this point the people have made up their minds on this game already. You had one chance and ya blew it

execution17130d ago

Should've took what they did with 4s progression and improved on it


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