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Mercenaries 2 on Xbox 360?

Worst Kept Secret or Rumor that Wont Die?

It seems this rumor just wont die. First there are magazines listing the game for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, the developer diary which was hosted on the Mercs 2 website, showing developers working on Xbox 360 dev units and now this.
It seems the next issue of Game Informer have secured a preview of the following titles: .....

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Duplicate story
Inaccurate and not news
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Sevir046311d ago

simply because EA is the one publishing it... the word exclusive and EA never fit in the same sentence... lol!!!! sad but true, yet this couldn't be more wrong, most namingly that panademic is the developer, as far as this is concerned EA is only giving it the resources to bring it the the shelve, think about it, EA is the biggest software development studio out there and hey publish on every platform so they rake in the money from everything, yearly revenues tap into billions. so they're the perfect company to go for... heck if i was designing a game and couldn't come up with th millions to put it out and market and distribute i'd go straigt to EA as well,... as far as i see, tis game is more like a timed exclusive if anything because we do know that both Panademic/bioware are a combined studio and both are knee deep in PS3 and Xbox 360 game developement, so for them to say that they have 360 dev kits and are working on it is a given but i think it's another title, just like bioware gave the hint that it too is working on a ps3 title... and this isn't the first time thatGI has been wrong, they them self claimed that bioshock was headed for the ps3 and it's been since debunked so i see this as another one of those. if bioware wanted bioshock as a ps3 title then they would have announced it, just like the cas with this... i'll wait for the official word from the mouth of panademics president. because my eyes read that it will remain exclusive for ps3 as of the moment. and on that note i'll leAve this alone

NoUseMerc6311d ago

I know the the PR agent at Pandemic, Angella Wong, and Mercenaries 2 is a for sure PS3 exclusive.

techie6311d ago

Oh it can all change though - I'm sure she doesn't know everything. It is EA - and does the game look that good anyway? Doesn't get my juices flowing.

NoUseMerc6310d ago

You dont think Mercenaries 2 looks that good?

DJ6311d ago

that it's a PS3 exclusive.

MissAubrey6311d ago

Time will tell. plus its EA!

FreeMonk6311d ago

But DJ, that's what Ubisoft said about Assassins Creed. Sega said the same about Virtua Fighter 5. EA said the same about Medal of Honour: Airbourne, and many other games are going in that direction and being released on multiple consoles.

Before you start slagging me and anyone else of DJ, look at the facts first.

To make games in this day and age, it takes a whole lot of money to do so. To make that money back, they have to sell copies of the game they've made, so they can reinvest the cash and make bigger and better games.

Now game companies are greedy, and want to make loads of cash, so they will use everyway possible to do that, and that means release on multiple consoles.

Now unless it's an inhouse game, or a dedicated company to a company like Konami or Capcom, more than likely (like Ubisoft or EA), they will release it on multiple consoles to make loads of mulla!

Now the company who is making the game have no say in what console it goes on. Yeah, they'll work on one specific console first, but then the bigwigs at the top will tell them to release it on other consoles.

Now years ago, when Sony was running supreme and games were cheaper to make, exclusives were everywhere, but that's just not the case now. No matter how much you hate it, the X360 and the Wii are selling by the bucket loads, and that means a loss of cash to companies like EA and Ubisoft if they don't release games on all other platforms. When the demand is there, you supply it!

DJ, I'm not attacking the PS3 or Sony, I'm stating the fact that titles like Mercenares 2 may end up on the X360 especially when it's not a sure fire hit in the realms of MGS4 of Final Fantasy!

DJ6310d ago

But it does happen. The difference with this and Assassins Creed is that Ubisoft stated "We have currently only announced development for the PS3" while in this case the developer publicly stated exclusivity. If it does end up coming to the 360 however, then we'll have stop believing developers as well. I can imagine that if sales of this title don't go too well that they'll quickly put together a 360 version.

Violater6311d ago

if ps3 looses Mercs 2 if we gain crysis and xb*x doesnt

calderra6311d ago

Anyone remember when Mercenaries 1 was a Playsation exclusive? Yes, same thing.

They announce it as a PS exclusive, talk about how superior the PS hardware is and how this could only happen on PS. Then six months later, a better-looking and smoother-running Xbox port will hit the shelves.

This is known as "having your cake, and eating it too".

jedicurt6310d ago

actually when lucasarts got the distribution right and actually helped in much of the finalization work. they always said that it would come to both consoles. and i actually don't recall pandemic ever saying it was a PS exclusive so if you could post an archived press releases stating this, it would be appreciated cause i know Lucasarts never said that

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