Are you playing as yourself when you play video games?

When playing a video game, how are you embodying the character onscreen? Are you playing as yourself and making decisions based on how you think you'd act in a given situation, or are you acting as the character as it's written for you?

Maybe the answer is that it's a combination of both, or maybe it's something else entirely.

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drizzom278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

I don't self insert ever. I create a character according to my personal preferences that I believe would fit in the universe the game is in.

LordoftheCritics278d ago

Aaaaan you just inserted yourself.

drizzom277d ago

No. Not the same thing. I dont pretend that "I", using my own identity and name, am in the game as a character. That is what "self" insert is. Instead I create a fictional character that fits within the universe of the game I am playing. There is a difference.

LordoftheCritics277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

You dont have to even need to use your own name and look. That would be very self in the spectrum of inserting yourself.

But every choice is from you. You have no choice but to insert. Even when watching a film and reading a book (especially reading) you are self inserting.

Its pretty much unavoidable.

Now how much of it loops itself back and affects your future decisions is different. Like you chose armor and look at some point,. You chose to craft A over B for stats and maybe look etc and then future choices are affected because primaries are made. Its complex stuff but no one can avoid it.

Its an age old thing. Stems from humans inserting themselves into stories becuase thats the only way the reality of the story can make sense and become a reality in the mind.

The minimal insert scenarios are the stories that are not relatable whatsoever.

Nacho_Z278d ago

If it's an RPG then morally I'm a more heroic version of myself. I can't bring myself to inhabit an 'evil' character as fun as it probably is.

SurgicalMenace278d ago

I have the same issue. I never play the antagonist.

thejigisup278d ago

How did you feel about InFamous?

NicSage278d ago

I played good first always, only played evil for the trophies. I played sloppy and didn't care much for the evil side.

Flawlessmic278d ago (Edited 278d ago )

I always prefer for the story and character to be set by the devs, i know its why rpgs are loved that u can creat ur own but then i find the story is usually lacking.

Witcher 3 had the perfect blend of the devs set the story and the character but also gave us some freedom to define geralt. Mass effect did this pretty well as well.

Im not a fan of the silent protaganists and things like that, story and the character is such a large part of why i play games and just find it lazy when devs rely on us to kind create the character in our head.

I realise im in the minority here so im not hating just stating that i prefer to be taken on the journey the devs have invisioned rather than my own.

I still love all those game but wouldve loved them even more if ur player actually had a voice and character.

Effetively i want to be taken on a mostly curated journey, not create the journey.

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The story is too old to be commented.