Bioware Talks Mass Effect - Part 1

As one of the masterminds behind games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, Dr. Ray Muzyka from BioWare knows a thing or two about crafting a great RPG. The Edmonton-based developer's first Xbox 360 game may be their most ambitious yet, featuring an innovative dialogue system, real-time combat, and jaw-dropping graphics. TeamXbox had a chance to sit down with the good doctor at D.I.C.E., where he was happy to talk all about the new game.

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Antan4894d ago

Certainly wetting the good ol appetite !!! Still no release date reading his comments, though i think ......May or June could be a good time, or they could wait and hit September/October time.

Icryo4893d ago

I'm looking forward more to Mass Effect than i am Halo 3! I really am!

Jay da 2KBalla4893d ago

Best rpg of 07 and best graphics technology of 07. OMG I can not wait for this game.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4893d ago

will be Game of the Year '07!
Bioware's best game in terms of everything according to the good doctor.
A must read.

antonius054891d ago

but you never know if Gears of War 2 might come out this year. But thats highly unlikely.