'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' Review | Goomba Stomp | Still Stands as One of The Galaxy's Finest

Despite the fact that nearly 15 years have passed since its release, the action-adventure Star Wars game developed to overexaggerate the powers of the force is still one of the galaxy’s finest.

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CrimsonWing69339d ago

What hurts this is that it’s based off the Wii version. I can’t fathom why they chose to do that version except for maybe trying to include motion controls, but man the Wii version doesn’t look hot. I’m sure it plays fine, but part of the draw were the visuals for me. Wish they went with the PS3/X360 version.

Germaximus339d ago

Yup. I never forget this game and always hope for a newer one like it. Fallen Order is alright but I just can't stand Souls style stuff.