Skate 4 Gameplay Leaked from ongoing Playtest Session

It seems that some very rough gameplay has leaked from the currently ongoing playtest session for Skate 4

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sourOG406d ago

If that’s real it has a long way to go

DanielEndurance406d ago

I see when you wipe-out, you'll still be doing it in the most unnatural of ways.

SavageFlamingo406d ago

Hall of Meat was some of the most fun I ever had in a game

0hMyGandhi406d ago

Skate 3 was one of my absolute favorite games, so I am stoked about anything relating to Skate coming out.

TravsVoid403d ago

I felt it was a let down back in the day after playing the first two.

monkey602406d ago

They announced this game criminally early

Dee_91405d ago

we should be on skate 6 by now. EA sucks so much lol

Inverno406d ago

Yup that's definitely Skate. I'm not as excited as I should be considering how much I loved this series, but EA ruins everything they touch. I hope to see the return of Mirror's Edge, a direct sequel to the original, not Catalyst

Abear21406d ago

Agreed, I remember when they were the best dev WAY back in the C64 days. Rumor is it will somewhat rely on user generated content. If this is true I think we are in for a treat some 6 months after release bc fans of this game are rabid and devoted. Day one regardless for anything that resembles the old Skate games

toxic-inferno405d ago

Totally agree. I played and enjoyed Catalyst, but it felt lifeless and repetitive.

The original was bold, new and exciting. That early level where you ended up traversing from the city rooftops all the way down to ground level... That was something special.

Yui_Suzumiya405d ago

I loved Catalyst even more than the original. It's one of my favorite games on PS4. Something about the art direction, colors, backgrounds, music.. it's just mesmerizing. I can't count how many times I played through that game, lol

Inverno405d ago

I just specifically didn't like the story, first had a more darker tone to it, and tackling exit doors didn't feel as satisfying other than that Catalyst made everything faster which I did like

Profchaos405d ago

Yeah agree I still can't finish catalyst to this day despite basically speed running number 1

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