Grand Theft Auto V - PS5 Review (PlayStation Galaxy)

Mon said: Considering the amount of changes whether it’s for the story mode or multiplayer, there is no new additional content that will add value to the game. Comparing this update with some other games’ like Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, the level of change is unnoticeable as there is already a PS4 upgrade of the game.

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Firebird360347d ago

Its a 10/10. The same game but better in every aspect.
Faster loading, higher resolution, 60fps, ray tracing.

Exvalos347d ago

For us console only gamers the 60 fps by itself warrants the purchase. Yes it would be nice if we own a ps4 version we get a free upgrade. But I'll gladly pay for 60fps.

Michiel1989347d ago

you realize this could also have been done with a patch? after they made so much money of it, you would think they would give back to the community. especially after fucking their loyal fans over with the recent "demake" of san andreas.

SavageFlamingo347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

Unfortunately, I’m the only one out of my group of friends that has a PS5. So I’m stuck with playing the PS4 version so I can play with them. Kind of garbage. If Borderlands can do it, you can too 👎🏻