15 Best FPS Games on PS5

Twinfinite: “If you're wondering what the best FPS games are on PS5 right now, we've got you covered. Inside, we run down 15 of the best.”

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isarai343d ago

Metro Exodus is such an underrated PS5 game, such a graphical beauty on PS5, impressive that it looks so good, and is still crisp and 60fps, probably the most impressive example of ray traced lighting/G.I. ive seen on consoles so far. not just all that, it's satisfying as hell to play, actually reminds me a lot of FC2

Yppupdam342d ago

Wow, Personally, this is a sad list, I really have nothing to say about some of the titles that I didn't play but, Destiny 2 being in a top ten list of "the best" PS5 FPS just breaks my heart. COD having 3 spots tells me we are definitely lacking in good FPS on the PS5. BRG is a borefest, and Battle royal games just suck...almost as bad as zombie games. Metro Exodus, though is a well put together game that looks great, I just don't like "limited" ammo and weapon use games. Splitgate is interesting and innovative, Being Free to play is a double edged sword though.

FreeckyCake342d ago

Three Call of Duty titles in a row? O_O

DMgHalt342d ago

I thought the list was supposed to be PS5 games, not multiplatform games.