Virtual Photography Could Have a Mainstream Future

Video games have been getting increasingly robust photo modes, and this could ensure that virtual photography becomes a mainstream hobby.

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P_Bomb526d ago

Love me a good photo mode.

stefd75525d ago

I must spend more time in photo modes then playing the actual game

anast525d ago

Great article. I agree there might be something to this.


PS4 10th Anniversary: DashGamer's Top 5 Games

Dan Rizzo says "This year we celebrate ten years if the PlayStation 4, and while it slowly retires itself from the market, it leaves an imprint so vast that it personified what gaming would become for an new wave of players. The tagline “For the Players” was not just some fancy slogan, it was a moniker the studio and its leadership was prepared to fulfil for its dedicated audience."

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Rebel_Scum180d ago

lol if you’re gonna have so many honorable mentions why not just make it a top 10 or 15.

cammers1995180d ago

"This year we celebrate ten years IF the PlayStation 4"
Already tuned out since you can't spell.

Profchaos180d ago

Man way to make me feel old.
Where did those 10 years go we I still feel like we just finished the nes generation I swear

TheEnigma313180d ago

Damn time flies. I remember getting the ps4 and firing up Resogun.

jznrpg179d ago

Blooborne has to be in top5 for me. Thought PS4 had a lot do great games


inFAMOUS Second Son - Cole's Legacy DLC is free on PlayStation Store

Sucker Punch Productions announced this news today.

Profchaos428d ago

I recall buying the special edition just for this dlc but it was really underwhelming a series of fetch quests for little reward or details on what happened to Cole.

Good it's free now.

moriarty1889428d ago

Really hope they make a new Infamous soon. Love the series.

DefenderOfDoom2428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

One of my favorite PS3 games was original INFAMOUS. I played every game and DLC in this series.. I am also looking forward to play a new INFAMOUS game..

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inFAMOUS Second Son: Revisited

Dan Rizzo of DashGamer revisits inFamous Second Son, Seven years later; "I’m elated that I managed to revisit this awesome platformer, it gave me real perspective in how quality development from respectable studios that show passion in their projects go a long, long way. The title lead a revolution in the industry, with great confidence that it would outlast and carry the inFamous franchise above Sony’s growing fundamentals with respect and integrity."

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darthv72902d ago

Infamous is such a fun series. I hope SP returns to it at some point.

IRetrouk902d ago

I would really like a followup with Cole, but I'd also like a follow up to delsins evil story too, man was about to get him whole army's worth of powers lol

SyntheticForm901d ago

I enjoyed Second Son, but I missed Cole's powers - specifically car throwing. I thought Infamous 2 was more fun in general.

IRetrouk901d ago

I enjoyed them all to be fair, I agree though, second one was the best.

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SDuck901d ago

If PS keeps the trend of porting old titles to PC, I certainly wouldn't mind Infamous to be next