Player Beats Elden Ring By Using Only Their Butt

Elden Ring speedrunners are getting crazier than ever, and one of them has completed the entire game, by using only their butt to kill.

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deleted416d ago

That must have been a real pain in the ass.

416d ago
DarXyde416d ago

Such a h-anus joke, butt I am bummed you beat me to it.
No worries, I'm not coming for revenge. I'll turn the other cheek.

P_Bomb416d ago

I’m glad I clicked this thread lol!

sourOG416d ago

Lmao I thought he played the game using his butt. I was like wtf…

outsider1624416d ago

Lmao!! I thought the same. Was wondering where he'd hold the joystick...oh wait..

sourOG416d ago

My first thought was “ I’m out here getting mopped and some disabled dude is beating the game with his ass”.

sourOG415d ago

While both feats are impressive one is not nearly as interesting

esherwood416d ago

I was hoping it was a hot chick

gintoki777416d ago

This is the best the human race has to offer.

darkrider416d ago

Damn the ultimate, super, unstoppable butt attack. It's over 9000.

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