10 PS1 Games We'd Love To See On PlayStation Plus Premium

The PS1 will go down as one of the best consoles ever made, so here's some games that could celebrate its legacy via PS Plus Premium.

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Kaii417d ago

Digimon World 3
Tomba 2

416d ago
Knushwood Butt417d ago

Silent Hill

Even if I have it on disc and can play on my PS3.

VersusDMC417d ago

Games i would definitely replay and that don't have a superior remaster released

Dino Crisis 1/2
Fear Effect 1/2
Parasite eve 1/2
Legend of Dragoon
Breath of Fire 4
Rival Schools

SDuck417d ago

you're the first person I find online showing some love by one of my all time favourites, Breath of Fire IV!!

isarai417d ago

I mean if they have some form of improvements

Ape escape
Fighting force
Strider 1&2
Rival Schools

Are the ones that come to mind

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