Square Enix is ​​reliving its golden age

For those unfamiliar with Square Enix's golden age, formerly Squaresoft, it took place between 1997 and 2002 and brought a slew of titles that were a complete hit with fans and critics and Square Enix wants that era back.

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H9442d ago

That's a bold statement, especially when the author mentions Chocobo GP and Babylon's fall after saying "here's the great titles that the company has planned", to each their own I guess

celohill442d ago

it's about personal taste. You don't need to consume what you don't like, you don't need to despise it too. We all desire the most basic thing: respect. Start there. We talk later.

H9441d ago

First I said "to each their own" which means I am acknowledging the fact that it's not wrong to like these games!
Second I said bold statement not crappy statement, meaning it's uncommon and surprising!
You can start by reading the comment, we talk later

441d ago
Godmars290441d ago

That's all well and good, but for Square, its more about "Makin' Ze Monezies!" which they're not. At least from the like of BF and CGP. Cause of the stank.

PapaBop440d ago

The big difference here is that in Square's golden age, their games demanded attention, now, not so much. This article is based almost entirely on assumptions on unreleased games, so far this year, they've released Babylon's Fall and Stranger of Paradise. The former potentially sinking Platinum Game's independence aside, releasing either so close to Elden Ring was for Q1 financials imho and certainly a really really stupid move, They are certainly finding their groove in recent years but comparing now to back when they were trend setters is a bit much.

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annoyedgamer442d ago

Babylon's Fall, Forewoken, and Shelved Deus Ex is the "Golden Era"?

celohill442d ago

Deus Ex was not Commented... The Story says "Now we have to wait for these next releases and hope for that era to return". Are you sure you really read?

porkChop441d ago

You're telling people to read. Bro how about *you* read the headline that *you* put on your own article. The headline that you chose says that Square Enix is currently reliving its golden age. Maybe you should have picked one that isn't the opposite of what you're trying to say.

Army_of_Darkness441d ago

If Babylon's Fall and Stranger of Paradise is considered the return of square enix's golden era, then we are in trouble cause those 2 games alone are getting shitted on like a pubic toilet.... Let's just hope forspoken changes that.

chadwarden440d ago (Edited 440d ago )

"forewoken"....reall y dude?

pietro1212439d ago

Forwoken because it has a Black lead? I’m sorry Black people exist you racist [email protected]

Knightofelemia442d ago

The golden age for SquareEnix was when they were called Squaresoft the moment Enix got added to the name the golden age died out. Squaresoft was producing great games and memorable JRPG's left right and center NES, SNES, PS1, and parts of the PS2 libraries show the golden age of Squaresoft.

celohill442d ago

That’s the point of the article, but with new projects coming, including the new Final Fantasies, I believe that Square Enix has the power to change it. If it’s gonna happen, it belongs to the future to answer.

Knightofelemia441d ago

They won't change and go back to the golden age most of that talent has left, working on other projects, or simply want to go down a different path. I want Bioware to change but that will never happen most of their talent left, EA interferes, the founding members just up and walked out, I wouldn't be surprised if Bioware is dangling by a thread before EA shuts them down. All you can do is cherish those memories of Square's golden age by remembering or playing the games that gave you those memories.

PapaBop440d ago

That's the problem with the article, it focuses on games nobody has even played. I'd love nothing more than a return to form from them but this article is stretching at best.

shinoff2183441d ago

Id like to see them return tonthe golden age as well. My playstation needs some suped up graphical turn based jrpgs. Enough of action rpg action rpg being shoved down are throats. I know you dont like it dont buy it. Ive honored that for the most part. Ff13 eh ff15 eh. I did dip into ff7 remake but i had to.

I dont know if im alone or not but id like to think most of us that played the original wanted something more like the original gameplay wise in ff7 remake then the action rpg we got. I will add im on chapter 17 at the end of that chapter i believe but i cant help but think what couldve been

shinoff2183440d ago

If your gonna negative me atleast tell me why.

henbayward440d ago

I'll take some more turn-based tactical, too. What I wouldn't do for a legit new entry in the Front Mission franchise (and an official FM 5 port).

Stanjara441d ago

The title is wrong. People want that golden age to come back. Today's Square is in low budget spitting age living off of ff14 whales.

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