Moss: Book 2 Review - IGN

Moss: Book 2 builds upon its predecessor nicely with a captivating world and entertaining platforming, let down primarily by the PSVR’s aging tech.

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1nsomniac354d ago

So are you able to actually play this on ps5 without DualShock4?

I have all these PSVR games and I can’t play hardly any of them because of the missing light bar on the dualsense.

ApocalypseShadow354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

The games were made for PS4. You need the DS4.

NecrumOddBoy353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Unfortunately no. I do hope all these are upgraded/patched for PSVR2. I’m waiting on that before I think I’ll jump into Moss again. I never downloaded the twilight DLC either because the tech was getting old and it started hurting my eyes. I do have to say, I loved PSVR in the beginning so I’m glad it’s evolving. I also platinum’d Book I of Moss and it’s still my favorite VR game over even Astrobot. I’m excited for the nextgen of the technology.

jznrpg353d ago

Do you have PSVR? If so I’d buy a used PS4 controller they aren’t very expensive .

Aussiesummer353d ago

This will get a psvr2 release.
I unfortunately can't play my psvr anymor because it drifts all the time and I've found I've become susceptible to vr sickness with age, hopefully psvr2 elevates this, we shall see.