Moss: Book 2 Review - IGN

Moss: Book 2 builds upon its predecessor nicely with a captivating world and entertaining platforming, let down primarily by the PSVR’s aging tech.

1nsomniac827d ago

So are you able to actually play this on ps5 without DualShock4?

I have all these PSVR games and I can’t play hardly any of them because of the missing light bar on the dualsense.

ApocalypseShadow827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

The games were made for PS4. You need the DS4.

NecrumOddBoy827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Unfortunately no. I do hope all these are upgraded/patched for PSVR2. I’m waiting on that before I think I’ll jump into Moss again. I never downloaded the twilight DLC either because the tech was getting old and it started hurting my eyes. I do have to say, I loved PSVR in the beginning so I’m glad it’s evolving. I also platinum’d Book I of Moss and it’s still my favorite VR game over even Astrobot. I’m excited for the nextgen of the technology.

jznrpg827d ago

Do you have PSVR? If so I’d buy a used PS4 controller they aren’t very expensive .

Aussiesummer827d ago

This will get a psvr2 release.
I unfortunately can't play my psvr anymor because it drifts all the time and I've found I've become susceptible to vr sickness with age, hopefully psvr2 elevates this, we shall see.


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HeliosHex448d ago

Lol I never play standing for any game.

FortWaba448d ago

Pavlov is kind of awkward while sitting. Reloading requires reaching at an angle that's just not exactly ergonomic unles you're standing.

HeliosHex448d ago

@fortwaba. Oh no I totally get it. When iam playing walking dead its awkward putting my weapons away, reaching for backpack etc. Iam just a lazy gamer lol.

SullysCigar448d ago

I heard a guy the other day saying that he sits on a stool so that he can still reach down if needs be. I thought that was a pretty good idea.

I prefer just to stand for most games and just play for shorter periods if I'm knackered, but that's not an option for everyone. I do like to slob on the sofa in VR and play Puzzling Places or Demeo.

Leeroyw448d ago

I just want to play AAA and AA titles sitting down in VR. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in the minority. I don't really want to act out everything.

Viljong448d ago

Missed switchback. Is ment to be played sitting but upper body movement required. Walking dead is stand up game. I only sit when back to restin place camp. Pavlov is best for room scale, there is no crouch button so you need to take cover and get down yourself which is great.