Quantum Error Gets New Story Trailer Showing PS5 Footage in Unreal Engine 5

Today Teamkill Media released a new trailer of its “cosmic horror” game Quantum Error, showing footage running on PS5.

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CaptainHenry916435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

The last time I heard anything about this game was in 2020. Not impress with the graphics. Looks like a last gen game using unreal engine 4

Fishy Fingers435d ago

I appreciate everyone his very high expectations of any UE5 based game but most aren't going to live up to the UE5 Epic demo, that said, if you think this looks last gen we played a very different last gen.

Forbidden_Darkness435d ago

Honestly, I believe CD Projekt Red's next Witcher game will be one of the first true showcases of Unreal Engine 5's capabilities, but that's years away.

Michiel1989434d ago

@forbidden so a game thats years away, that we havent even got a teaser for, the devs who spend the last 10 years not working with UE, will be the first proper showcase of an engine they have no experience with? thats pretty disrespectful to other devs.

BehindTheRows434d ago

Nothing about that trailer looked better than the best of last gen. It doesn't look bad, but yes, the best looking last gen games are more striking.

FanboysKiller434d ago

They have standards, it's not by luck to get there , no need for teasers or anything, if they don't feel doing a Witcher game then by default they will listen to their guts and stop doing it , no one will force them to do it.

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Jin_Sakai435d ago

Not impressed. What looked great two years ago now looks average by todays standard.

RaidenBlack434d ago

Yea, exactly .... they should've kept their UE4 based build and worked on improving the gameplay and animations instead of jumping on the UE5 bandwagon.

0hMyGandhi434d ago

It also looks like it was animated in Source FilmMaker.

Ninver434d ago

Looks trash by today's standards. This is why you only reveal games no more than 6 months before release

CaptainHenry916434d ago

It really does look like trash and it's using Unreal Engine 5 🤔😄

RaidenBlack434d ago

Actually their UE4 version of the game they showed off 2 years ago was in a much better and sorta "near-completion"/st able state. Their switch to UE5, thrusted the project back to jank-land.

andy85434d ago

I fully don't understand the backlash over the graphics. Look at Elden Ring. The graphics are poor by the standards today and it's one of the highest rated games ever

Nacho_Z434d ago

It seems to have taken a step away from Dead Space and one towards something like Destiny since I last saw it, which I'm not sure about.

However I don't think it looks like trash, it looks like a solid game with good graphics. Teamkill Media never claimed to be Naughty Dog they're just a small team with presumably a budget to match.

Einhander1971434d ago

I personally believe Gears 6 will be the true show case for UE5. Also alot of games are still being developed with Last gen tech in mind ps4/xbox one.

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