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TR's Lee Mehr - "Like a heaping of horror media, Martha Is Dead’s solid start and some nuanced supplementary mechanics are betrayed by its worst impulses by the end."

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Christopher545d ago

Any reviewer making a Nickelback reference shouldn't be allowed on Metacritic or OpenCritic.

coolbeans544d ago

That's not fair. Nickelback is timeless, and every reviewer has made a reference in their honor (at least once).


BrainSyphoned544d ago

Thanks for admitting you know Nickelback by heart. It fits.

MadLad544d ago

Not the score I would give it, but I respect opinions. That's really all reviews are; unless they're just click baiting, anyway.

coolbeans544d ago

I mean... I think it could be considered a decent horror experience if LKA did a better job cleaning out the bugs & tech issues. They have a good hook with the old-timey photography stuff, but could've done more with it.


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frostypants334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Please stop posting this crap every few days. We all know Amazon always has deals like this. Be better.

walken7334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

It's actually everyday and the same site. Always reaches 100+ degrees even though there's never discussion in the comments.

TL:DR, someone's getting paid to promote this garbage, it's spam.


Annie Warburton Wins At One Voice Awards for Martha Is Dead

Rayan from NoobFeed writes - The talented English voice actress Annie Warburton won the prize for "Gaming - Best Performance - Female" at the One Voice Awards 2022, which is the UK's premier voiceover conference.

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Martha Is Dead - Review - Jump Dash Roll

Martha Is Dead has made headlines because of its graphic content, but is it a good game? JDR faces off with today's review.

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