US SingStore Update for 16 December 2008

NOTE: The update may not go live until 18 December 2008.

In addition to the patch (now live) to allow disc-swapping and audio/video recording of legacy PS2 SingStar titles, we'll be seeing a pretty significant update to the US SingStore this week. The update includes 10 songs from this week's European SingStore update, 10 songs from previous European SingStore updates, and the Festive Fun (Christmas) Song Pack.

Check the article to see the full list.

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meepmoopmeep4574d ago

man, it needs some damn punk rock songs
the songs aren't too great, imo.

even American Idol game gets pretty good updates weekly

StalkingSilence4574d ago

I will actually be getting SEVERAL of these songs for once. Also pumped about the video recording for PS2 SingStar games. Now if only someone would tell me whether or not they show up and are shareable in MySingStar Online!

Socomer 19794574d ago

i get different answers all the time but...

i have singstar 1 and is the singstore the same for me?
i see the people in the videos singing from singstar 2 so i think it is.

same question for rockband...

i have rockband 1 so the store is the same right?

Torch4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

If by 'Singstar 1' you're referring to the first iteration of singstar that officially came out for PS3 a little while back, then yeah, the store should be the same...(see link below for an image of the version I'm referring to.)

Singstar '1', '2', etc, are usually identical gameplay-wise...really what you're paying for is the differing song pack and aesthetics of the interface. As a matter of fact: if I correctly recall, the PS2 versions would allow you to swap discs from Singstar Rocks! to Singstar Amped, etc., which would thereby allow you to access songs off different CD's without changing gameplay.

Same goes for Rock Band...the store should be the same (at least content-wise)...Incidentally, I've got RB2 still sitting upstairs unopened due to lack of free time...if I do get the opportunity, I'll pop it in and confirm with you whether it's the same, but I'm willing to guarantee my left nut that it's the same store...this is evidenced by the fact that you can use your previously-purchased content from RB1 with RB2.

Hope this helps.

StalkingSilence4573d ago

The people singing from "SingStar 2" that you are seeing are generally people in other regions who have differnt songs available - even though they are in English. There are still a bunch not available in the US. But yeah, you'll be seeing SingStar Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3 videos as well as separate regional content.